OT: my ps3 isnt reading one disk

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Hi there. My ps3 isnt reading GoW : Ascension. This is the only one disk that i cannot play. When i put the disc it starts to load but the disc icon doesnt show up and i cannot start the game. I tried with restoring file system and rebuilding database but it didnt work out. The disck hasnt got any scratches or something. I have barely played GoW so several days ago i decided to give the game some playtime but.. all other games are running with no problemes at all. The console is ps3 super slim 500 gb if that matters. Any help pls :) Thanks in advance


  • uryflqk
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    Oh and btw if i restore the ps3 system this will delete everything but is there a chance to run the game after that ?
  • JudgeEver
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    Honestly I don't think that the problem is your console.

    Have you installed the game in your hard drive? Try to install it and run it from your hard drive, maybe that would fix the problem. For the info you give, I think that the disk could be the problem, just a little scratch or imperfection in the right spot (boot) could cause this.
  • uryflqk
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    Im 100 % sure its the disk or if there is some corrupted data ... idk i`ll try on a different console and if it doesnt work then ill need to find where i can fix the disc :) Ill try your suggestion first and try to install it but i need to search how to do it :D Thanks mate .
  • manklife
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    check the disk is not greasy(not been eating food while handle of the disk?) that will cause problem
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