Man Utd Commentary Names?

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I don't seem to hear commentary names for Martial, Depay & Blind? (Martial is in the list of commentary names for created players so I'm not sure why it isn't used for the real player)


  • imranbecks
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    Memphis Depay is also mentioned in Fifa 15.. So I'm bewildered as to why his name isn't mentioned in Fifa 16. Speaking of which, really disappointed by the likeness of Martial and Memphis in the game. I believe Blind is mentioned, I might be wrong though..
  • MikeM
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    Memphis is mentioned in the "after goal" parts of the commentary, but not "in play by play".
  • Adoptedscouse
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    Not noticed this to be honest, even had Memphis as the main player to watch section they do on game I played earlier.
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