Item stuck on transfer targets

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So I made a bid and won an item on the transfer market whilst using the companion app. The item is highlighted green and just stuck in transfer targets, once i click on it, it gives me no options to move the card to my club or active squad.

It just says expired. If I try to unwatch the item a message displays 'you cannot unwatch an item you are bidding on'.

I thought i'd try my hand in trading and I get a stuck item, great job EA...looks like we'll be having those stuck items again in this edition!


  • Mallowz
    85 posts Park Captain
    It means the item you have purchased is still "processing". Unfortunately you have to wait for the this action to be completed, before you move it.
  • Rowsh
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    I have my item stuck in my Transfer target list for a week now and I made a case with EA, they said they are fixing it. I'm still waiting.
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