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Mr Hyde
293 posts Sunday League Hero
I played against someone who had Kaka. He is so OP he scored 3 goals against me all from outside the box what the hell the guy is about 45 how is he still so OP. Another one obafemi martins seriously his pace is so OP he out run all my defenders hes like 50 now what the hell.


  • Viggo 007
    12248 posts Has That Special Something
    Kaka is 33 y old wtf u on about? Btw he was good for me as well had only one problem:stamina
  • DKCena
    1710 posts Play-Off Hero
    He was pretty awful for me :'( I'm a fan of him IRL, since he was the king of Milan back then. But he didn't work out for me unfortunately :(
  • Mr Hyde
    293 posts Sunday League Hero
    it was a rough guess he seems like hes been around for ever. But his shot is still so over powered for his age and who he is he aint god anymore look how bad ronaldinho stats have decreased and he was the master.
  • HBK1925
    1907 posts Fans' Favourite
    Ronaldinho has been super lazy.
    Kaka has working hard and kept probably in the best shape of his career in Orlando City. In fact he's played more minutes in the history of his career this season while in MLS than any other season at Madrid or Milan.
  • lungbutter
    62 posts Park Captain
    played a guy who must of had six or more shots with him just outside the box last night. none on target. his giovinco was quite a handful though.
  • Mr Hyde
    293 posts Sunday League Hero
    Fair enough he just seemed to score with every touch against me lol was stressful match
  • Mr Hyde
    293 posts Sunday League Hero
    the one i played last night his kaka got a hatrick all from outside box and his obafemi martins just paced out the whole of my team even tho the winger on the side of him had more pace yet martins still out paced me
  • Orikoru
    10712 posts Has That Special Something
    edited September 2015
    Kaka is still rated 81, with 80 long shots. Not sure why you wouldn't expect him to be good.

    Mr Hyde wrote: »
    obafemi martins... hes like 50 now

    This may be more accurate than we'll ever know...
  • RadioShaq
    15383 posts Moderator
    I made a team with him gerrard lampard pirlo villa and dempsey to test pace. They have good stats besides pace for their age.
  • Mr Hyde
    293 posts Sunday League Hero
    fair enough i think more to the point i was in a bad mood while playing the game and couldn't concentrate so felt like everything was against me lol
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