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Tactics discussion

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Playing on world class and it's tough but I like it. Feels vey realistic to me.
It's taken me a while to be any good tacitly against the cpu but I feel as though I have made a breakthrough.
Got sacked at Bournemouth after getting them relegated and ended up at Southend in league 1.
Bad start with them too, tried going legendary as people are saying it's easier than world class but lost 5 in a row culminating in a 6-0 defeat at Preston. :#

So I went back to world class and concentrated on sorting my tactics out.
I tried many formations but in the end I settled on a flat 442.
I was conceding goals through the centre so tightened my two cm's closer together and set custom tactics to be more aggressive with shorter but quicker passing.
The team doesn't press to the extent that they lose shape but they do win the ball back quicker than previous.
The pressing comes from my mid field and front two which limits the cpu's passing options.
I keep a very rigid back four, a higher line but with conservative interceptions for the two cd's so they don't lose shape and I don't allow the fb's to overlap unless I need to depending on the game.
I find I am now creating many more chances and went unbeaten in seven winning five in a row before a sloppy loss to Bristol Rovers.
May even still have an outside chance of the playoffs if I can keep winning :)

I previously had the habit of setting my wide men to 'get in behind' as it seemed like the right thing to do but I eventually realised that when my cdm's were winning the ball they had no one to pass to as the wide men were to far away. I was gifting possession away to quickly.
At first I thought it was the cpu aggressively pressing me but in actual fact it was my poor tactics.

By limiting my wide men's runs and instead of looking for that killer through ball out wide or over the top, both of which were high risk and often gave possession away I can play quick one two's and play in triangles. Moving the ball quickly and effectively through the opposition.

It's not Barcelona, far from it. But it is satisfying when you tweak your tactics to work for you.
It really does feel like the beautiful game when it clicks.
So it's early days for me and a seven game unbeaten certainly doesn't mean I have found the holy grail of super tactics or anything but my tweaking does make me realise where I was going wrong.
Tactics seem to play a bigger part than ever before this year and whilst that may not suit everyone. It suits me.


  • ThomasHK1979
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    Can you please share your custom tactics slider dette settings. I just cant create any chances.
  • Trux
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    Well they tend to change often depending on who I'm up against and what formation.
    But here goes, this could be long.

    This is my current setting using a Flatt 4-4-2 with one cm with high attacking and one with low. A cf that plays just off the st. My wide men come back and help out against the stronger sides. My back four sit deep and rigid.

    Speed 55

    Set this depending on how you play. Moving the ball quickly up field means you need to set this to a higher number such as if you are playing on the counter or a more direct longer ball game.

    Passing 55
    Needs to match (or be close to speed)
    Do you want the player your passing to to run toward you for a short pass (lower value) or stay further away to receive a long pass (higher value)
    There would be no point having short passing if you play very wide and with a deep defence but with high shooting, crossing and passing in the chance creation section as when your defenders are on the ball they will have no one to pass to.

    Positioning Organised
    set this depending if you want players to interchange positions in the first two thirds of the pitch.


    Passing 55
    Set this to a lower value if you set speed and passing to a lower value in build up play.

    If your team mates are static and not making runs increase this value. You can also hit L1 in game to make a team mate go on a run.
    Set it too high and you may lose your shape and get hit on the counter.
    If I'm not creating chances then this is where I go first.

    Crossing 70

    Set this to a higher value if you put a lot of crosses in.
    Increasing it can increase the amount of team mate runs into the box but be weary of the counter.

    Shooting 75

    This also effects numbers in attack. If you're not opening teams up enough then consider increasing this value to get more AI players into scoring positions. Don't forget about that counter attack though!

    Positioning Organised
    I may change this depending on my team selection and formation such as if I'm playing a
    4-2-3-1 and I want lots of movement from the front four.


    Pressure 30

    Set this high and your back line will push forward.
    Low and they will sit deeper.

    If your opponent is exploiting any gap between your defence and midfield such as with a 4-2-3-1 formation or a diamond I would consider increasing this to close the gaps.
    If your defensive players are slow then I would sit further back to counter the through ball or balls over the top.

    Aggression 30

    I like to let the opposition come on to me and keep a rigid back line so mine is set low.
    Set this higher if you want team mates to aggressively win the ball back.
    Along with high pressing a high aggression value can be useful if your a goal down with 10 mins to go in a must win game.
    As always though too high and it can leave players out of position and leave huge holes in your defence.

    Team Width 60

    Set this depending on your opponents formation as well as your own.
    If they are playing with wide men such as a 3 man attack setting this to a higher value will push your fullbacks out and can help against blocking crosses. Too wide and your defence will be stretched.
    Set to a lower value if you want to counter teams that play through the middle such as with a narrow diamond formation.
    Too low and you could be vulnerable down the flanks.

    Be prepared to alter your tactics depending on what's happening in a match.
    If your getting over run consider what might be better with your defence tactics and also look to decrease the values in chance creation.
    If your failing to create enough or score enough goals consider increasing the passing and shooting in chance creation.

    Experiment with small changes so you can see the effect.
  • LaMertesackerRun
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    Interesting, for your 442 flat what sort of striker would you advise?

    Not had much joy with this formation when I've tried it this FIFA.
  • Trux
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    I have Charlie Austin as ST and Sone Aluko as CF.
    Aluko for pace and to run beyond Austin if required and as I bang a lot of crosses in Austin is good in the air but also good with his feet when required.
    I have a back up tall ST and a more defensive back up CF.
  • Personally, it would depend on whom you are playing. I tend to look at my players and play to their strengths. This year, pace isn't as important, and patience is key. Now, that doesn't mean you can't buy pacey players, just have a backup strategy if you can't win the long ball game.

    I like to buy a tall, strong and dominant CDM to win midfield headers. My ideal guy here is about 6'4" with 80+ jumping and good aggression.... Wingers who can run fast, dribble and cross are important to me(and most people) I try and find the best man for each job... makes team building on the new career mode really fun.

    Basically, try and figure out what type of football you want to play, and then find the players who can make it happen.

    To create chances, I pass in and out from the wings, and I will usually wait for my CM to come in and be a sort of a passing network. If none of this works, I start attempting crosses into the box. And if that doesn't do it, I start cursing at the game and I slide into the other team.
  • ThomasHK1979
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    Do you use the same custom tactics as you mentioned earlier or do you have a better? I just cant create enough chances at prof. Level. Do you customize your players position in your formation?
  • Add1cted
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    I switch between a

    4-4-2 diamond with the 2 central mid positions adjusted as far wide as possible whilst remaining LCM and RCM, and the strikers set a bit wider

    4-2-3-1 with the wide players pushed forward to create a diamond with the CAM and CF

    Important to set all positional player instructions too (i.e. CDM stay back in attack, players to get in behind and to hold as target man, CF to stay central etc)

    Obviously cant switch during a game though as it wont let you...
  • ThomasHK1979
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    What are your custom tactic settings?
  • Nakusin
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    I changed my formation & tactics after feeling like I didn't have enough players forward to pass too, I changed to 4-5-1 (Attack) so basically with 2 CAMs, my tactics are

    Build Up Play
    Speed: 45
    Passing: 43
    Positioning: Organised

    Chance Creation
    Passing: 55
    Crossing: 53
    Shooting: 48
    Positioning: Free Form

    Pressure: 50
    Aggression: 53
    Team Width: 56
    Defender Line: Cover

    I find it has a few problems, I've been letting in more goals since, though I still tend to be lowest conceding team, I have my LM & RM set to cut inside & one CAM set to stay forward (though they rarely stay forward regardless) but I find with the CAMs, the STR & the wingers cutting inside, it opens up some great opportunities for splitting a defence open, the CM has to be great both offensively & defensively, which is the biggest caveat because only a few players really fit the bill. (If the CM lacks in any area, your team/team play will also lack in that area somewhat as well)
  • Add1cted
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    Worth noting that if you find you dont have much space in their half (seems a few have this issue), pull your players back in your formation.

    It may look like it's more defensive but this will give them space to run into, rather than standing in it (marked) waiting for the ball.

    It all depends on how you play though, so best to think "what problems am I facing" and tweak from there.
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