Huge Gap Between Professional and World Class Difficulty Levels

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This is the main problem in FIFA for me since I started playing the game. I like to play with the controls set to manual. However, if I play in Professional the CPU isn't challenging, and I easily win and become bored. On the other hand if I play in World Class it's the complete opposite: it's almost impossible to score, and the CPU always seems to score the victory goal by decree - even if I am at 100% in defense, the ball just passes from feet to feet between the opponents with a supersonic speed like guided missiles and ends up in my goal with an impossible shot.

What is this? Scripts? And what's the point? What's the point, EA, of developing a game where the final result is already determined? What's the point of playing a game where I already know the final result? This must be changed, THIS YEAR already, by a patch. Otherwise this will be the last FIFA I bought. I'm tired of playing the stupid's role.


  • Goon77
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    There absolutely is mate, I'm having to play Professional because World Class is ridiculously hard. I'm not hammering teams on Professional either, and that's a good thing, but World class is just too much. I can't win games at all on World Class setting and just get 0-0 or 1 to 2 nil defeats. There are other issues I have with some of the gameplay as well, but that's for another day.
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