Full Manual Easier This Year?

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I'm playing with full manual controls on Professional difficulty and I'm finding it quite easy to get shots on target and to find my teammates with passing, for some reason it seemed more difficult in previous FIFA's. Lobbed passes and through balls are also coming off with not much bother, maybe I'm just that good eh? :D Crossing is a different matter, most of my crosses go straight at the keeper.

Anybody else experiencing this?


  • eladlad
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    Manual does feel less manual this year.
  • I felt the same way with Pro and tried to make it harder for myself by playing with the sliders. Below is my post from another forum about this matter that may be helpful.
    I had come to the conclusion that Pro and World Class pretty much play the same game but with easier or harder slider defaults (what 50 translates to for that respective difficulty level). And I think the idea that you can either dumb down WC or make Pro harder is the way to go. And it completely differs by individual's skills, style, etc. So I think, everyone needs to understand how each slider change makes a difference for the amount of change to find the sweet spot for their taste.

    In my opinion, WC is the CPU reacting quicker than it would on Pro. I think if I had quicker fingers and thinking, I could play against WC the way I play against Pro. And yes, one is too tough for me, and the other is a little on the easy side. WC will not give me enough time for me to execute what I'm thinking. So I went the way where I started making Pro tougher for myself.

    I will list some key sliders that I'm finding success for my skill and style so that if any of you want to take those as some sort of a base and concept and modify it to your taste.

    Pass Error: 50/55 (Since I play manual, I think 50 for user error sliders is fair enough)

    Pass Speed: 45/45 (I'm under the impression that this helps prevent the CPU from constant ping pong play all over the field, immitating Barcelona regardless what crap team they are)

    Goalkeeper Ability: 42/42 (I went down on this slowly, all the way down to Matt10's slider value [which might be different at this point]. I couldn't score from any distance to save my life until I found a good point)

    Marking: 38/57 (I think this is a major key slider for difficulty. This is the value that determines how quickly CPU closes down on you. I also capped myself to open up for CPU attacking and rely on human skill to defend)

    First Touch: 70/60 (I have to cap the CPU, and cap my self even worse for a good balance)

    So those are my sliders. It might be completely easy to the young guy with the fast fingers, but still tough for a beginner. It's just an example and kind of the story of how I got to those values. Find yours that work for you to enjoy to game at its max.
  • PegasusXXVI
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    Oh yeah, since last year manual is less manual. As I've said in previous posts, FIFA 14 was the last game I felt manual controls were really challenging, and you people may say that I find it easy bc I'm used to manual but that's not the case. Go back and play FIFA 14 on manual and you'll see how good and challenging it is.
  • I switched to manual too, and it's easier than previous fifas, to me at least.
  • Balazska01
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    and unfortunately it's faster as well........
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