Reus vs Ribery, Bellarabi vs Costa vs Robben

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Anyone tried any of these players?

Looking to improve my team.

I have only used Bellarabi and hes not bad, but wouldnt call him great.


  • iDavoo xD
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    Had a 352 Bundes squad with Bellarabi RM and Ribery LM and that was good. Bellarabi is a god. When using Robben and Reus in the same team at 352, I felt they didn't impact enough for their price.

    I would say if you're using Robben/Reus or even Douglas Costa, use them as RF/LF combos.
  • huntskij
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    Used Costa in draft, awesome. U could run him at striker with Reus and have the best of all world's?
  • BenzP7
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    Never tried Robben but he was so dangerous against me
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