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Transfer banned! Video showing no snipe spamming, no mass bidding



  • deankenny
    77 posts Park Captain
    Problem is when streaming live, you can't really do nothing and come back. It really does suck :( All previous webapps I have been this fast if not faster, as Im knackered in that vid haha. Either way something needs to be done, and yes Worble, nothing wrong with sniping or mass bidding, both of these methods many users enjoy to do while making coins.
  • Dr.Strange
    1479 posts Play-Off Hero
    One of the good things EA implemented.
  • ElBarco
    430 posts Sunday League Hero
    Dr.Strange wrote: »
    One of the good things EA implemented.

    You think banning people from playing a game they paid for for simply playing the game is a good idea? Either you haven't thought it through or don't understand the concept of fair trade and consumer rights.
  • Dr.Strange wrote: »
    One of the good things EA implemented.

    Poor trolling
  • happyblue
    349 posts Sunday League Hero
    deankenny wrote: »
    Sorry for no sound, I have song requests in chat and twitch muted it, but here is proof please EA, that your banning on the webapp is so inconsistent, I am literally just browsing about for silvers.

    and I get yet another ban, beyond a joke now.

    I browse like that when buying squads or checking prices and no bans but I bought a lot of points which are unused in my club.

    Try adding some FIFA points? :wink:
  • deankenny
    77 posts Park Captain
    haha happyblue, that might just explain it. Typical
  • pittphan
    3023 posts National Call-Up
    you've been marked - Illuminati confirmed?
  • fifa 17 is ❤️❤️❤️❤️ up with its ❤️❤️❤️❤️ up banning system
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