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Current L2 career with Cambridge - why is it permanently raining? Sure, it rains in England. But not every day August-December...

The downpour is biblical in my game. Feel like I need to get 2 of every player and build an ark.

How about a bit of common sense and a few dry game days?


  • Sk Rapid Wien 1899
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    same here in the Austrian League, they fu... that up this year, same as it was last year at the beginning ...

    I am already a rain master , now I win every game, when it rains, even against a lot more powerful Teams :-)

    So you have to Change it MANUALLY every match, bevor you start the game, it is in the game Settings before you start the match !
  • According to fifa it's snowing most of the time in the Netherlands from december till february :p

    I change it manually sometimes before the game starts.
  • Add1cted
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    Well I've been playing Fifa for many years and never knew you could change the game weather in career mode! This was particularly annoying as visibility on snow in Fifa 15 was utterly ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    This will be a massive help, thank you.
  • phish_panic
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    i always change the weather prior to a game. i have a career mode with FC Dallas and it rains constantly on the game. not realistic at all.
  • Ah yes the weather! well I do tend to change it manually on certain occasions and like to try them all out. Snow and flurries seem to be the same but I always get a yellow ball which is impossible to see and I forget to change it before I start the match! And the time of the match as well e.g. 8 pm in uk in summer is still light but the game always seems to be in the dark so I change the time to earlier
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