The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC & console, this includes the changes listed here.

to people complaining about the new gameplay...

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Try getting used to it and learning the new gameplay instead of fighting against it. Myself and my team find it very challenging, but very enjoyable.
We still have one guy who doesn't like that but that's because he still tries to do the same exact stuff from FIFA 15. Hell, he's still trying to do stuff from FIFA 14 but that's a diff. topic

- Build up play is rewarded and once you get used to it you can slice open defenses.

- I'm loving the new driven ground pass. It's great to fire a ball into a forward with their back to goal so they can hold up play or look for a shot.

- AI goalkeepers are much much better and consistently make good saves and near post saves.

- challenges are more varied IMO.

Of course I've had my accomplishments reset which is infuriating and I know many others have. But if we're talking just about the gameplay I'm really enjoying it. And this isn't just to blow smoke up EA's backside.
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