Potential short-term fix for full time disconnects.

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Hi. I, as many other Fifa users have been dealing with the glitch/bug where the game will disconnect you from the EA servers after the final whistle and award you a loss for your troubles. I tried a combination of things today and thankfully I am yet to face a disconnect all day after around 11-12 matches

1- I made sure my PS4 was connected to my router via port forwarding. There are numerous posts on the internet which will help you with this if you're unsure on how to do this.

2- Once I'm in Ultimate team, i sign out of PSN and am prompted to leave UT, then i sign back in and then rejoin ultimate team. I make sure to do this every time i start UT. ( Some person mentioned this in the thread ROB started regarding this issue but can't find his/her name so can't give them proper credit)

3- Finally after i play a match and reach the final whistle, i remain idle and wait for all the replays/highlights to end first. On two occasions I accidentally skipped the replays straight after the match but it worked fine, but I would wait for them to end just to be safe.

I am not saying this is a definitive solution. I am unsure if only one or the combination of these is the solution, but it's what I did and thankfully has worked for me. Hopefully it'll help some of you guys out too.


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