First Impressions on Fifa 16

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Positives so far:

- Obviously the goalkeepers are better than last years disgrace of the traffic cone goalies in the game.

- Pace of the game is far better than being faced with the stupid 200 mph pace ❤️❤️❤️❤️ from last year that blitzed your defenders, so build up is play is the key it seems

The annoying bits so far:

- Passing is frustrating. Far too many go misplaced, or even fly out for a throw in. Worse than sunday league lol

- Still too many free kicks given which are not worthy of being a free kick. Same goes for penalties. Hardly touching the opponent in the box often results in a penalty

- Probably a bug, but the ball disappears off camera shot from kick off when you pass long in any direction on Dynamic. It's as though the camera cannot keep up
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