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Note: The SBCs issue has been resolved, details posted on this thread in a tweet from FIFA Direct Communication.

Strange emails/account login locations

CFC Jacob
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I was away for most of the weekend so I wasn't on the game but I noticed I've received two emails from EA stating that my account had been re-activated, no prior emails stating a ban of any sort.

Whilst having a dig around my account I noticed there's a verified login list, as recently as 17/09/15 I was logged in in Nottingham, and most of the others are in London. I've never been to Nottingham and never used my laptop to login in London as it stated it was a browser login not mobile.

Nothing has gone missing so I'm not too concerned at the moment, I was hacked in Fifa 13 and I certainly don't want a repeat.

I've removed all the verified login browsers and mobiles etc and changed my password, is there anything else I should do to be on the safe side?


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