Is Rakitic as good as he looks?

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Seems like the best cheap alternative to Iniesta, will use him in this


  • Floody
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    Was very good for me when I used the loan one from the catalogue
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    can't score a goal to save his life for me, but very good at setting things up.
  • Florianr104
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    Add "no ❤️❤️❤️❤️" to the title, huh? ;)

    But seriously, his passing is extraordinary, his shots are decent and powerful. Good midfielder.
  • Dog
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  • markymark21
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    Im usung the same formation but him at cdm and im undecided thus far for obvious reasons. He is obviously fantastic on the ball passing and shooting are both great. For me id want someone who can carry the ball forward and deibble a bit better at cam
  • MPL4
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    I'm absolutely shocking at this game... And I mean.... SHOCKING.... But, for what it's worth, he is by far the best player I've used, including loans and draft players
  • Didn't like his loan card. But somebody used him against me and destroyed me with him. Maybe it's because I've not got to grips with the game yet though
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