Advice on PC monitor for xbox one gaming?

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For various reasons I've decided to add a separate screen for my Xbox One, rather than share with the tv. I think I'm going to go with a monitor rather than add a 2nd tv screen. Anyone have any experience with this set up who can offer advice?

I'm used to playing on a 55" tv but sitting 12+ feet away. I'm going to set this up on a desk I'll be sitting right in front of. Thinking either 24 or 27", not sure if 27" might seem too big from a foot or two away. Don't want to spend a ton of money and doesn't look like I have to. Thinking about these two models after some research:

Option 1

Option 2

Any others people would recommend?


  • Rinoa
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    I got the samsung 24 inch gaming monitor off amazon recently. Was about £135 so in the same price range. Fifa looks amazing on it and there is once touch game mode on the front of tv so its easy to switch between gaming and monitor mode, no fiddly menus etc. Would really recommend it
  • BenzP7
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    I use 27' LG and I am quite happy with it but if you are going to sit right in front of the monitor then 24' might be better.
  • Diggy
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    If you use co-op camera go for 27" anything else is to small
  • jdros
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    Thanks for the replys. Anyone else have advice?

    I will look into the Samsung models as well.
  • BenzP7
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    lg w2753vc

    Thats what I use.

    2ms response and great display for cheap price. I paid $120 usd for refurbished one.
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