AI in FIFA 16 is not right, so little differentiation between teams

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Did any one else noticed that the sliders do not have big impact? The keepers are still making superman saves at 15 while first touch at 70 still have little impact.

I also noticed that the game is never realistic as when you play against 5 star teams or 3 star teams on the same difficulty level, it feels the same. So little differentiation when it come to AI. Usually I bridge this gap bychanging the sliders but this year it is not working enough. TRied all reco of all sites and forums. To see what I am talking about, let have a CPU against CPU match and pick a Bayern lets say against Al Khaleej (Saudi one star team) and you will be surprised that the match will end in draw (PS4, World Class at 10 min). I tried in default sliders and modified ones. AI is bugged in FIFa 16 so far :-(

What do you guys think?
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