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Does anyone else...

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Not create their first gold squad until nearer the end of the year?

Every year my FUT routine is this;

- Discard/ sell everything in my free packs.
- Buy my Korean bronze/ silver teams
- Get my coins upto 100k to start the IF trading
- Build my coins up until December, collecting any nice IFs along the way.
- Usually have around 5million come December, then I waste it all buying teams.
- I never have coins come TOTS as I stop trading in January.

Does anyone else have a yearly FUT routine?

I find standard gold teams to be boring, plus most teams are identical atm. I like to get better at the game using bronze/ silvers, then make a squad when I can afford everyone & there's different coloured cards out.


  • richisdisturbed
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    No-one have a routine then?
  • Blarix
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    My routine is to get as fast possible to legends lol.

    Which I succeed or fail hard . However this year my aim is actually to enjoy the game and for once stop trying to be so competitive (can't help it..i am a winner). I'll just go with flow this year but for some strange reason I can afford really good teams now but I don't feel like it. I'm rather enjoying my Seria squad with Dyabala. Will have to upgrade to compete soon or later but we'll see.

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