Bid Not Accepted

I've been having this issue on the webapp lately, where it's preventing me from bidding on items. I get the "Bid not accepted" message when no one else is bidding on items. Does anyone else have this issue, or know a fix?

I've restarted the app, my computer, and cleared the cache.



  • Faizy
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    Same problem. Got a ban, trated for 60 minutes, get banned again -.-

    It´s not only the WebApp, it´s the whole market i.e. I cant buy anything. Since I dont have a full team, I basicall cant play online until the ban is over. That´s ridicoulous ❤️❤️❤️❤️ EA....
  • Same problem here :(
  • Uncle Remus
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    Nothing you can do to stop it if you are going to mass bid on items in a concentrated period of time. Keep your webapp up for 20min and it'll reset.
  • ElBarco
    430 posts Sunday League Hero
    This been happening to me a lot. Bans range from 7-16 hours. I've changed up my technique and stopped mass bidding and I don't snipe. It's simply if you trade too much from what I can see,
    People are saying they even get banned for trading on console.
    Another instance where EA punish the people who enjoy the game most for simply playing it
  • Same thing is happening to me. Such a joke if this is an intentional ban! Heaven forbid I actually enjoy the auction aspect of the game. Why would mass bidding result in a ban? Makes no sense. Don't let me expand my transfer list to 100 items if you're going to forbid me to use it. I can't keep more than 25 or so items on my list at this rate because I can't buy anything. So stupid.
  • icemaker
    527 posts Sunday League Hero
    Getting this problem again this year. This is really annoying ! I cannot bid for hours... :(
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