The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.
Note: The SBCs issue has been resolved, details posted on this thread in a tweet from FIFA Direct Communication.

Change your Persona

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I have been trading on the web app under my ps3 persona on an account i have had for about 5 years now.2 days ago i got a ps4 and the new Fifa 16 game and signed into my console account and have nothing.Is there anyway i can get my players or coins from my ps3 account over to my ps4 account?
Or do i have to start from scratch while the ps3 account gathers dust?


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    You have to start from scratch for Fifa 16

    Fifa 15 (ps3) to Fifa 15 (ps4) works but not Fifa 15 to Fifa 16 as it is a whole new game mate.
  • I done the same from xbox 360 to Xbox one which is gutting. Next question would be how do you delete the 360 account as I have traded my console in now?
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