Wonderful gameplay

I've played around 40 games and I am thoroughly enjoying Fifa 16.

I didn't bother with the early access so my first few games on release day took me by surprise to say the least. The dribbling felt slow, the first touch seemed off and my trusty ball roll drag back was nowhere near as effective. Aside from a few new nifty features, I'll admit I wasn't keen overall.

Throughout 15, my Futscope review had me down as an "Elite Passer" and I considered myself quite handy at knocking the ball about. However, after playing 16 I've realised just how many bad habits I'd picked up and how lazy my passing had actually become.

To those who are feeling like I did about this game, I'd say stick at it and take your time. If an opportunity isn't on don't be afraid to knock it sideways or backwards. The ball is king this year and I've found an opening will eventually present itself if you're patient enough, leading to some very gratifying and well worked team goals.

I initially thought EA had changed the game too much but, after adjusting, I can appreciate the changes are for the good of the game and I hope they don't go crazy in any forthcoming patches.


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