Cannot search transfer market (PS4)

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so i was sniping and i got that message and now its been over an hour and i still cant search the market on console! anyone got a fix for this?


  • Josh96
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    It thinks you're a bot
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    Ive been out for 15-16 hours now.
  • Shorneh
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    Been out for 11 hours. Would suggest only spamming in short bursts, if at all. First ban usually lasts 15 mins, then 30, then Ive no idea. 24, 72. Dunno.
  • I'm locked out of Web App's transfer market for mroe than 12 hours! Support told me to wait atleast 24 hours!
  • They need to fix this quick, iv been out 15hours. Still haven't made a team, needed to trade for coins! Now no contracts cant buy any, forget packs! Played draft like 5 times, 15k a go with nothing to show! Im just fed up now, like a bot is on console anyway! People who say its because you snipe, I have done since FIFA 09. Its nothing new always been around, just more noticeable because of PR! Youtubers and streamers showing it off, so now everyone does it. It just seems ea dont want people making easy coins! Then they shouldn't of made it so easy, for people to list min bin by mistake! Even if people aint sniping, its still gonna sell anyway fact!
  • iam in fifa 17 .. i was sniping and this popped .. the after a while it works .. then another time my market stops .. how many hours do i wait?
  • Connor_M95
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    Is this message that is coming up for you guys this ' There was an error with your bid. Another team has bid higher than your most recent offer'. This has been appearing for me every time I go to try and bid or BIN a player for the last 15-16 hours.
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