Anybody used UP Ayoze Perez?

Joe Hartless
310 posts Sunday League Hero
Looks decent, and need somebody to link to Mata and Herrera in a hybrid. Would prefer to stay away from the usual United strikers and I'm using Costa in a different team. Anybody used the UP Perez?


  • Yeah he's alright, nothing special. Used him for the Shearer Cup. Scored me something like 5 goals in 9 games
  • coopersett
    112 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    most unbelievable striker in FUT for me, wanted a cheap Spanish BPL alternative to Costa so tried him out, 13 goals in 7 games :flushed: pretty fast, solid dribbling and passing, incredible finishing, scored longshots, headers, volleys, chips, inside and outside the box, the whole 9 yards, would HIGHLY recommend him :smiley:
  • Joe Hartless
    310 posts Sunday League Hero
    Well. That's a pretty glowing review. I'll definitely give him a go. To the first poster, yeah that's kinda what I'm expecting, I'll be happy with a goal rate of more than 0.5/game.
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