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I already bought 3 boost coins and none works
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  • I am in the same situation, am level 75,

    I redeemed 90k worth of coins boost,

    loaned 3 players,

    bought all the 99 contracts cards up to level 75,

    bought 3 piles increase for FUT trading.

    I got nothing!!

    I am so pissed, I think am going to sell this game and buy PES 16.

    If they don't sort this out in the next 7 days am done with this ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Same issues YEARS AFTER YEARS.
  • i can't get anything in fut no coin boosts no loan players i've redeemed them allready in catalogue but when i enter fut nothing there

    please solv the problem ea
  • does someone now the reason to that
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    It is cute all of you signed into this forum in order to complain about the same issue.
    This comunitey evolve every now and then on those new forumers who need to complain, to scam or to buy coins.
    Nothing against you, but Ea knows best how to make this forum "alive"

    I wish in Fifa 17 all of us will come into the forum in order to say how lucky we are to buy the none-beta version finaly
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    Who needs coin boosts anyway, you can make way easier money
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    Terminator wrote: »
    Who needs coin boosts anyway, you can make way easier money

    Not true, this is the easiest way cause you already play the game...
  • Hello Fut players,I as well as you have problem with coin boost :( and question is the same. Do anyone know how to solve this ? How to get the coin boost to work ?
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