Things that need to be fixed in FIFA16 ASAP

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After some few hours in the game I have some feedback points for quick fixes that will make the game, in my oppinion, way better. I am a careermode guy so it will be focused on offline gameplay.

First of all I think this is the best FIFA (in potential) ever. The new feel of the game, passing, emotion it all works out well, almost.

For some reason the CPU is passing the ball around the back the whole freaking game and not making one mistake. This is realistic, I know, but you can't pressure with all your attacks so you turn out to run with your strike from left to right all the time. No matter what team I come on against it's always the same. The worst is when you get 1-0 behind. They just keep passing it at the back. For some reason, no matter what playerrating all crosses from left to right back and visa versa are always 100% accurate.

0-0 against a lower rated team or even losing, always in the 75th minute the time wasting is starting. One of the worst futures ever, now even worser with the new passing.

You just can't. There is no point in crossing the ball. All corners and crosser are caught by the goalkeeper or punshed out, no matter the rating. It's just so stupid. The crosses are good TBH. Nice animation, but there is no point in doing crosses.

What do I have to say? You promised that not a single career would be the same. Well all the transfers are the same, every single year.

Simulating to the next match will lose some training days. I think the simulation has to stop when you can train your players.

If this will be fixed FIFA would be way better. At your feedback if you want.
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