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Slide tackles

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God I hate them. Is it even possible to miss a slide tackle or foul your enemy with them? Doesnt matter if its from the front, from behind or from the side, its never ever a foul.

How do you do something against this? As soon as my enemy goes into slide tackle, its like my controller turns off and I cant do anything, but get hit.

I might start counting the slide tackle/foul ratio, as Im sure it will be something ridiculous.


  • Viggo 007
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    Lt+ RT and get as quick as possible to he penalty area. Btw I hate that dirty players don't get punished
  • leon1309
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    Well, they dont work like that for me.... i got players sent of two times already (and i use them sparely and carefully for most of the time, and both those players came in from the side, not behind)...there might be a trick to this or you are playing against AI?
  • P
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    Enemy :joy:

    Can be a bit ridiculous what you can get away with. Clubs is even worse.
  • NejvetsiBorec
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    P wrote: »
    Enemy :joy:

    Can be a bit ridiculous what you can get away with. Clubs is even worse.
    Yeah, I love clubs this year. Slide tackling is ridiculous though, nothing better than having 3 players slide tackling you at the same time, first one plays the ball the other two break your legs, no issue with the referee.
  • Josh96
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    Yes it is utterly broken I only slide tackle lol and it always works better then standing
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