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Welcome to the first Forum Pro FUT Cup of FIFA 16! This tournament intends to allow the best European players from FIFA 15 to show their skills in the new game! The prize is provided by EA Sports and will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after the tournament ending.

Please note as the game itself is in its infancy rules are being carried over direct from FIFA 15 tournaments. If you have any feedback on future rules for the new title feel free to get in touch and we'll take them into consideration.

As decay will have had a major effect on the Nexus rankings for 15, entitlement for this tournament comes from participation in previous Forum Pro Cups or existing LAN tournaments. Proof of either of these (link to thread etc.) is required before entering the competition.

Console: Xbox One
Criteria: Previous participation in Forum Pro Cups or existing LANs
Location: Europe
Prize: 100,000 FUT coins for the winner
Start: Saturday 3rd October @ 6pm UK time
Host: @Paul

Please use the template below to enter this tournament.
[b]Criteria for entry:[/b]
[b]Confirmation you have read the Rules and agree:[/b]
You're encouraged to stream on Twitch or upload your matches to YouTube but this is not a requirement.


- Best of 2 games scores combined, followed by Silver and Golden Goal in the event of a draw.
- Silver Goal: The leading team at half-time wins
- Golden Goal: The first to score wins

- From kick-off you must pass the ball backwards before crossing the edge of the centre circle and not immediately use a lobbed through ball.

Team Requirements
- No attribute items
- No custom or five at the back formations
- All players are allowed

Connection Problems
- If you are unable to connect to your opponent you must contact an admin as soon as possible. Failure to do so could mean disqualification for both players.
- If you or your opponent lags out during the match; the match must be re-started, however, the score and time at the point when the player disconnected shall still stand. In the new game, the score will carry over, and the remainder of the match should be played out.
- For example, if player one is 2-0 up against player two, but then lags out in the 53rd minute. The match will then be re-started and played up until the 37th minute with player two winning 2-0.

Any issues, contact your tournament host. If it's regarding rule breaking please provide evidence to the best of your ability.


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