Fut draft disconnections..

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Is it not still absolutely terrible that we get disconnected in semi finals winning 4-2 in the 75th minute, and the only prize you get is stage 2 of the tournament and you still get a DNF modifier going down saying you quit and a loss on your record..

jesus christ EA sort your **** out at least make it so you don't get a loss and remain where you were in the draft if it was the servers disconnecting and not you raging quitting ffs.. its stupid that with my last 15k I had i enter draft to win it and only get round 2 prize of 2 gold packs and silver pack seriously..


  • i spent 300 FIFA points in a draft token, won the first game then got disconnected when 3 1 up in the 2nd. I want my FIFA pints back
  • 9dal39
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    i was 4-2 up in the semi final wasted my last 15k on it.. the servers are just a joke as always no surprise there though EA have rinsed everybody's money from buying the game may as well leave the game and servers to get just as bad as last year..
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    Tbh if you get your prize it's fine
  • I think that's the reason why they made the minimum prize the pack equivalent of 15k.
  • got booted out 3-1 up in 1st matchj absolutely shocking god help us come xmas
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