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Fifa 16 Community Club (Pro Clubs)

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After the success of the 2015 Community Club I have created a club for Fifa 16. Anyone from the forums can join, it doesn't matter how good or bad you are. All we ask is that you're willing to play for the team (and press A once in a while) and perhaps get those pro boosts from the catalogue which should give you a bit of a leg up it start with. Whilst it certainly may help, you don't need to have a microphone but you should be willing to use a dedicated group chat room on Origin so that we can communicate whilst playing.

If you want to join the club add one of the managers listed below and send a transfer request. I will try and keep this post updated with the team and player stats.

Team Record

3W - 4D - 1L
Division: 9

Team Roster ( Managers in bold )

Floobalicious PL6 GL7 AS3
underguld PL0 GL0 AS0
thesam903 PL8 GL5 AS2
Bollivierke PL GL AS
couvacic PL GL AS
Cookie4 NIR PL GL AS
dobramarius2014 PL GL AS
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