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Doesnt look like its worth it to play with coins.

1st try = 1 win = 3.4k
2nd try = 4 wins = 14.4k
3rd try = 4 wins = 17.1k
4th try = 4 wins = 28.8k (Walcott in pack)

So I paid 60k for the entry fees and got back 63,7k including match coins (minus boost)

Dont think its worth it to play with coins, pretty much only way how to make your coins back is to win all four. And also the prices of players are very high, so later you wont be able to get this much


  • JD
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    It was never gonna be good to use coins thats why you can use Fifa Points, You basically have to treat Draft the same as you would packs and only open/play with FP
  • Olleman
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    Should get your coins back if you win all 4 + packs value IMO ;)
  • JD
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    A lot of effort just to get your coins back though....
  • Richard
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    Its a damn good business idea. Its really tempting to buy fifa points and use them for it.
  • JD
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    If you bought 12k FP i think you would be better off using them on Draft over packs...
  • NejvetsiBorec
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    Agree with you guys, using Fifa points on draft is a good idea. You play for free, you have chance to get better packs for your FP and if you win all 4 matches, 300FP -> 15k is decent imo. Also you usually play with at least one of the very top players.
  • xFATAL
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    Using FP is definitely the way to go. I've been playing Draft alot before I buy my divisions team so I can get an idea of what players I need and formations work best for me.
  • Hujaber
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    The 62k you got now won't happen in couple of weeks as players will have low prices. Draft is same as packs, you can open 15k pack and get nothing and you can get legend, it all about luck. However what good about draft you get to try players you can't effort in my 4 draft, I tried IF cr7, messi and others. I think it's a good deal, but I agree entry fees fairly should be 10k coins or 100fp
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