57 slide tackles

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in a match, 0 fouls. Realistic game I must say.


  • Shonosuke
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    in a match, 0 fouls. Realistic game I must say.

    ref is terrible this year, I've seem some horrific fouls that even injure my players and the ref just laughs it off. Seems you don't even get red anymore for taking down a player that is clean through
  • Dodds
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    How did you come to that conclusion of 57 tackles?
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    All you do is moan. I'd trade your disc in if you don't like it that much.
  • SurferDude
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    Well the community should of listened when I made a thread about this ages ago me and my friend had 100% success rAtes on sliding it's a easy bug to do and now it will be abused when it should have been nerfed, if only people listened before ea updated the game, now we will have to live with it, only good thing is many don't know how to use it but what makes it worse is you can now get up immediately
  • Ahh, so you are one of those that slide tackle all the time huh.....

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