Worse graphics?

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How is this possible? My games graphics look like a demo game or something. I'm not even being sarcastic or joking, how are the graphics so much worse and duller looking than 15? And player closeups and replays are much worse looking. Anybody else noticing this?


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    I feel like ea tried to hard to make everything looks so real they almost look like action figures lol plastic toys
  • Maziac
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    Dude I literally checked like three times to make sure I wasn't accidentally playing the demo or something... But I'm online vs other people so it has to be the full game, right? I'm not even joking, I feel like maybe I didn't downloads the full game or something the graphics looks way off from last year. The runs players make are borderline special ed level as well. Idk about this game man... My guess is massive "patch" soon.
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    Graphics are worse this year.
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  • I downloaded and deleted. What a waste. I might dust off my old Xbox 360 and play Fifa10 instead.
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    Good thread bump
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