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Where is x player?

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edited September 2015

I know that EA have added LOADS of new players to Fifa 16 from 15. But there is still players that are not in the game but should. And I am not talking about absent from Ultimate Team but in the game as a whole.

The player I am wondering about is Victor Nilsson Lindelöf who got the award of the best full-back in the EURO U-21 tournament. After his success in the tournament he got rewarded with a contract to the Benfica A-team (after playing for the B team) and now plays for them and even got included to the Champions League squad.

I know EA can still add him to the game but it feels a bit weird since he signed the contract the first of July and still is not in the game, let alone UT. I would understand if he signed in august or this month but it was in July.

Nevertheless if anyone knows any players that should be in the game but is not for some odd reason, leave them in the comments!
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