Change Tactics

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Hello. I hereby inform this need for improvement in ball exits, taking into account the predefined tactical schemes do not allow this. By observing a game of real life, when the teams come out with the ball, is that as a fitting on the midfield sector to the defense, causing the opening of the defense, with the sides of the hills of course, without we need to use the L 1 ball, with steering wheels coming together to defenders to create the moves and the wings going up, sometimes even surpassing the hands, or half open, all normally without trigger commands we need as said above. I can make it real only in the seasons, because I change the tactical positions bringing the steering wheels and half to close to defenders and wingers ahead of the wheels, and open, as source. I know it may not be easy to understand, but any professional game video can view it easily. I hope positioning. Peace and good. TATICOMAN (FIFA 14 and 15)
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