How often do you play Fifa now?

Big Skengman
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edited April 2015
I can't remember the last time i wanted to look at the menus, let alone play the game.
I jump on like 3 times a day (Remote play on android :sunglasses:) simply to try sell my unsellable players as i've run out of coins.

Maybe play a game or two with the only remaining solid team i have.

I'm curious to see how others day to day with fifa has changed now we've been playing with these price ranges for quite some time?


  • TWS001
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    I've reached the stage that I reach every year. Just getting a bit bored of facing the same teams and players over and over. Also every player seems to have hunters or shadows attached and you just know what you're about to have to put up with.
    Still play though using as many different teams and varied players as I can, but number of games I'm playing is slowing down.
  • black caesar
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    so many players I want to use, yet none of them are on the market... stuck with the same teams for months and can't upgrade them. fun times
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