Career Mode Wishlist.

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Reserved for our wishes, suggestions and thoughts for FIFA 17 Career Mode after launching and experience in FIFA 16 Career Mode.
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  • Danic123
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    I'm gonna have a stab at an early shout and say it will be fix the youth players and sort out the potentials. Same as last few FIFA's.
  • I would like career mode to have cutscenes, like when yo get to the stadium, inside the locker room, in your apartment, like NBA that has those features. That would be AWESOME! :)
  • How about changing the numbers and badges when your team has been promoted/relegated, surely it wouldn't be that hard to do EA? As well as taking a Madden (also EA) route and being able to build stadiums, make or customise kits and possibly relocate teams. I also would like a 2k aspect in MyPlayer mode where there are cutscenes and you actually have the choice of what skills/attributes you want to upgrade for your player. From what I've seen in Fifa 16, they've taken a step in the right direction with the new training scheme but there is still so much more that EA could do with CM. Yes FUT is popular, but if CM is upgraded and built up to the standard of a Madden or 2k, then CM could potentially become the most popular game mode. And personally, I think it should be (no disrespect to FUT, I still play that too).
  • Two big things must be added to FIFA 17
    1. Real Youth and B teams. Actual teams that play games. These games can be simed or played at your discretion (like in MLB the show and NHL which have minor league teams) Would Prefer if you could license the BPL u21 league and development league, but generic is ok. You must be able to edit youth player names and appearances and get rid of re-gen players.
    2. Actual managers who reply to player demands, talk to media and negotiate their benefits. If you can have FUT card for managers, you can have managers in CM!
  • Ggggoooopppp
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    If you can have FUT card for managers, you can have managers in CM!

    Nope! Nope! Nope! Never should bound FUT and CM in whatever aspects.
  • If you can have FUT card for managers, you can have managers in CM!

    Nope! Nope! Nope! Never should bound FUT and CM in whatever aspects.

    It's not a request to link them, I am pointing out that real manager have FUT cards but they are not represented in CM.
  • Ggggoooopppp
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    If you can have FUT card for managers, you can have managers in CM!

    Nope! Nope! Nope! Never should bound FUT and CM in whatever aspects.

    It's not a request to link them, I am pointing out that real manager have FUT cards but they are not represented in CM.

    Maybe I didn't understand you right because I don't know FUT so well :) Sorry.
  • Legendary players available through youth scouting.
  • FiremanTOR
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    But the managers do exist henryclay1844 (atleast they did in FIFA 15) sometimes they compliment your players or you can tell the manager of the other club that he sucks in the pre-match interviews.

    I don't see a need for a card to confirm that they're managing a club.

    Also, I would love to see more customisation for the players in your club, change nicknames/kitnames (not actual names) and commentary names like you can when you create-a-player. Training skill moves would also be a nice addition to the new training sessions.
  • Nakusin
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    I would quite like minimum release fees added to contracts, be able to force a sale sometimes, sometimes be forced to make a replacement. Sometimes players would grow enough to be worth more than release fee at which point either he'll get a new contract or someone will be able to get a bargain buy... Adds a new dimension to the transfer window.
  • TROPHY CASE would be the ideal addition to career mode. You could then set goals and have a way to view your achievements, from League Titles to Ballon D'or trophies.
  • Adrian095
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    Youth league and Face cam for managers
  • Really Important : have an option to not be fired even if you not achieve your objectives. It's really frustating.... The pleasure in career mode is to see your team and player evoluate year after year.
  • Sk Rapid Wien 1899
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    - COOP (ONLINE) MODE, like the "Captain your Country" mode was in WC 2014 BUT NOW ONLINE also for 1-3 Players against the AI not humans, I really hate that cheat possibilities and that would happen !
  • Add1cted
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    There needs to be several features whih make the various seasons feel different, particularly for the promoted teams. Things they've had in before.

    Sponsors - This should change every season to reflect progression, and have bonuses based on performance

    Stadium Upgrades - This could be funded from budget, or even just an arbitrary upgrade when you get to a certain level. Could even impact income/budget for next season.

    Kit changes - maybe even just the second kit, could be designed by the player

    Commentary to reflect progression - "Team A have been promoted 2 seasons in a row" etc, tell a story

    Agent offering players to club

    Suggested signings each season from scouts

    Goal of the season

    Loads of stuff they could put in
  • PhantomATS
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    Ability to turn off scout notifications and set World Cup to not interested at this time.

    I like to sim past some of the weaker teams, as the games are a bit boring but when I do it feels like I spend half my time deleting emails. I really only care about what the players are saying, injuries etc.. I dont need 6 scouts sending me updates every week.
  • TheLocore
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  • More then anything, what I'd like to see is an online career mode. Don't get me wrong, I love Ultimate Team, but would love to compete against my buds, racing them to the top of the Premiership, etc.

    Would love to see who could manage a better team over the course of thirty fantasy years. Thinking about buying the NHL game for that purpose. I'm not huge into Hockey but ...

    Anyhoozle, I know it might be harder with FIFA because of all the leagues. But I'm sure there's a way to make it work, wether that be getting all leagues on the same schedule or making one league with many tiers for all the teams involved.
  • Nakusin
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    Another little thing I'd like having played FIFA 16 & remembering something I've wanted for some time... To be able to adjust the budgets while either making an offer for a player or accepting a player, it's just annoying when I'm buying a player & everything is done but the wage budget is now going to be -£1000 meaning I have to go out, go to the budget allocation, set it then go back to the offer & make it, I'd so prefer to be able to just press a button that takes me to budget allocation. (I'm not hoping there isn't one cause I can't recall even looking)
  • Please let us change team sheets during a match. This was an issue in Fifa 15 as well - even if it only changes the formations.
  • I hate the fact that the weather can interfere in the match. Sometimes it's hard to dominate and control the ball. It's not like that in the real life...
  • my biggest wish for fifa 17 is that the game will not crush... simple as that.
    fifa 16 is out now 4 days and me and lots of other cant play career mode because its crush.. and still no comment from ea...
  • International job offers come flying in thick and fast too early, it should be something that you have to earn by performing well over a few seasons, rather than play 2 games and get offered jobs from various countries across the world.

    Also the lower league teams in England need to have different style, they all play keep ball rather than having a mix of tactics such as long ball, direct styles, playing with a target man etc. What would be good to Career mode would be the introduction of real life managers who all have their own styles, formations which effect each team in the game and these are also sacked, appointed across the game meaning that after a few years Stoke City managed by say Eddie Howe would be a complete different attacking style of opposition you would expect to face than the physical approach under Mark Hughes in the first season.
  • Tabbed
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    here's a bunch of stuff which would make the career mode really better and/or realistic in my opinion:

    general in the game:
    - show the league table / group (in CL or EL) after a game (like in pes)
    - show draws (skipable) for e.g. champions league groups when my team qualified - same goes for world-cup for example - i wanna see in which group my team will play and also get an overview what the other groups look like - could be a special calendar day with a little cutscene maybe?

    player career:
    - make it possible to sit on the bench in a match.
    - introduce player-agent which u can employ. the more money u earn, the better agents u can have. agents try to get in contact with ur favorite team - or they could specifically look for teams who might want you in specific countries you can choose.

    both (player or manager):
    - introduce reserve-teams again
    - interviews with the press which effect either the team, in manager mode, or the managers trust in you and/or fans opinion, in player mode.
    - make contract negotiations possible
    - contracts should be realistic - if i sign a contract with a team then the contract should be limited to the negotiated years. if i am good they will offer me another one, if not i could be without contract (free player/manager)
    - - for player-career: then i should lose attributes, because i can't train that good when i'm not in a professional team.
    - - for manager-career: my status goes down - when i haven't managed any team for a year i won't get good job offers anymore.

  • -Bring Player/Manager mode back. It's fun to have your own player to progress whilst still controlling line ups, transfers ect..
    -Turn national team jobs off. They're annoying if you're not interested.
    -Be able to manage national team only. I'd be much more interested in taking charge of a national team if i could take charge of them only. Two many games to play with both club and national team
    -Slight re-design of new player training. I'm a big fan of it BUT having it weekly means it gets boring quickly. Monthly or every Fortnight may be better. Would obviously have to be able to gain slightly more experience then though to keep the balance right
    -Be able to move stadiums. This is for smaller clubs especially. When you progress from league 2 to the premier league, it'd be nice if you didn't have to play in the same tiny stadium and could move into a decent sized stadium (Just one of the EA ones and have the opportunity to name it)
    -Add coaches to the game. I remember this being in one of the old games where you could assign points to coaches and other staff to improve them. This would be great know that there is training in the game. The better the coach to the position (attacking coaches for attacking training ect) the more XP players will be able to earn through training sessions (having the coaches in a similar way to scouts would be good)
    -Secondary positions actually meaning something (and having them available in be a pro. Very annoying when players don't play despite their quality because their position isn't in the formation of the team (which bring me on to my next point)
    -Computer teams actually using different formations. Like the point above, it's annoying when world class players aren't used because their position doesn't fit with what's the default formation (E.g. Bale gets left out of every Welsh starting line up because of his position). There needs to be something built into the game to work out what the best formation for the team is and for them to use that. (this along with the secondary formations would massively improve Be A Pro and cause less frustrations on not being in a national team squad or not being able to join a club because you wont play in their formation)
    -Multiplayer Manager mode. Would be cool if you could have an online manager mode with your friends. Just set the settings before you start to make sure nothing can be changed which alters the gameplay and then play it as a normal manager mode with transfers ect all working normally. Slightly more ambitio
    so much fun to play with your team with your own player (with game face on) while still managing everything.
    pro player is still not complete and real enaught to be fun by itself

    (or let us allowed to use game face while creating a player )

  • Nakusin
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    Another thing I'd like having played a bit more....

    Player Comparisons - To compare 2 players stats on the same screen, maybe with indicators that show which player has a higher stat. At the moment I have to add both to short list to even hope to be able to compare any stats in a short time. Since I look for certain stats for my uses it'd be very helpful to have a comparison "tool" for when I'm replacing a player or considering selling a top player for silly money.
  • RedDevil
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    I would like a setting for Injuries:

    Light (Minor only)
  • A couple of suggestions that wouldn't be too difficult to implement:

    1) The ability to train stamina alongside something other than dribbling - I'm going to end up with centre backs that play like Messi at this rate.
    2) Train stamina for goalkeepers! I have a youth goalie with 18 stamina who can't play more than 3 games on the trot - what if my first team keeper gets injured? Would also be nice to be able to train passing too.
    3) Disappointed with career mode commentary again. Managed to scrape a 1-0 with Portsmouth away to Palace, three leagues above, in the FA Cup, and got the generic 'they've progressed in the cup' spiel. Also won the league - on goal difference - with a last minute penalty, and the sense of it being a massive moment just wasn't there. It would be nice to have some commentary noting your achievements - 'just ten years ago they were in the bottom tier, now they're in Europe' kind of thing.
    4) Still get that annoying bug where more than one youth player wants out and every email you get has the name of the same player.
    5) Players that leave mid season should stay in your team stats, but greyed out.
    6) A little project for you - why not record all (or even some) clubs' record goalscorer, appearances, maybe youngest player, and if one of your players in career mode breaks the record, have the commentators mention it?

    That's it from me!
  • deandbus
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    Add1cted wrote: »
    Goal of the season

    Goal of the month would be fine. Optional with a short video clip.
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