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  • i've got it, and have played console and bought someone to try and help it, how do i solve it?
  • Asad97
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    johnyboy wrote: »
    aseru have you solved this as it has happened to me
    Asad97 wrote: »
    Aseru wrote: »
    I posted this on a separate thread but haven't gotten a response yet.

    I've played almost 100 games now on my console and still can't trade on webapp it's ridiculous.

    Anything I can do to rectify this?

    I'm getting the message you would usually get at the start of Fifa if you hadn't played on that particular console before. Nothing to do with the maintenance.



    As you can see I've definitely played more than enough games

    I played over 300 matches same problem, ea know nothing and refuse to fix.

    Same problem
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    I've the same problem on both transfer list and target., bug card also,

    Really annoying
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    @Rob @FUTWebHelp1 @FUTWebHelp2
    New and more annoying bug, I can't relist more than half of my players, consumables & items.
    They all stuck as expired and you can't do anything with them....
    Please do something
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    6 months later and my web app is fixed, I can trade on web app, a little late though.
    And now FUT on my console does not work.@Rob
  • any news on the FUT founder status being reset ??? not gonna lie, i feel the way we are being treated is REALLY BAD. we cant even get a status update to say if it can be fixed or not. if it cant be fixed, fine. just tell us. IM STILL CLASSED AS EST SEPT 2015 WHEN REALLY MY FUT ACCOUNT IS A FUT FOUNDER. BEEN PLAYING ULTIMATE TEAM FROM LITERALLY DAY 1 !!! WHEN UT WAS A SEPARATE DOWNLOAD BACK IN 09 !
  • hamo
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    i have done 61 games traded a bit and i have the account 2 days. why cant i unlock the transfer market on the web app?
  • Neb
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    Rob wrote: »
    Active Issues we are investigating
    - Established Date was reset for some users

    Established Date
    - If you logged in to Xbox One Early Access with the one of these affected personas before September 21st at 5pm Pacific Time, your Established Date/FUT Founder status would have been reset, and you would not have received your Returning User Packs. We are looking at the accounts that were affected by this, and ways of fixing them.
    - The accounts should have been compensated for returning user rewards packs. The fix for the established date is ongoing.

    Any actual progress made on this?

    Have been waiting for god knows how long for it to be fixed. Doubt I'll get a reply from @Rob, but is this being fixed anymore or simply left until everyone forgets about it?
  • Neb
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    Still waiting...
  • finally i have my FUT FOUNDER back. all it took was a formal complaint to get EA to sort it for me :) but props to them they sorted it. lol been a while tho. so my FUT Founder status back plus a little gift fron ea ;)
  • It's a year on and my EST date has not been fixed @Rob please and fix this because it has been to long of a wait
  • It's a year on and my EST date has not been fixed @Rob please this is getting beyond a joke and I just want it fixed it would help so much
  • I posted on other threads and tried support chat, but if this is the official one:
    I too got my club reseted by EA Access. Was a FUT Founder. Did not receive any loyalty packs, draft token, etc. Basically as if I have never played FUT before. Had not much hope for retrieving it, and want to spend my 10 hours on UT17, so just playing this new club for now.
    My gamertag is Rafael Kenshin (i'm on Xbox One)
  • Dutch007
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    My club got reset also... Is there any point in playing UT now as my club will hopefully be put back to the old one when the full release is??..
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