Regarding Cross-Game Trading - Please Read

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When the new forums first came up, a new rule which prohibits cross-game trading was put into place and displayed clearly in the "Category Rules" thread, which stated as follows;

"Discussions related to cross game/platform trading are prohibited in this section, this includes attempting to make trades between any and all Ultimate Teams, however trading between the same Ultimate Team (example; UT12 for UT12) is allowed, however please keep these trades to their related section within Fifa Generations, these sections are linked below.

Despite how clear the message was, there seems to be a large amount of people not abiding to this rule, and thus, I felt this post was needed.
Discussion regarding cross game trading (trading between FIFAs 12, 13, 14 and 15) is prohibited in this forum. I know many of you have taken this new rule on very well, and I'm grateful to all of those users. However there are some of you that have simply not read the 'Category Rules' thread on this new forum and therefore do not know of this rule, or others who know the rule exists, and still ignore it, however both must stop.

I nor any other member of the moderating staff want to have to start handing out warnings and infractions for this, but discussion of cross game trading is prohibited, and as such, persistent ignoring of this fact will have to result in harsher punishments.

I hope you all take this into consideration.

Thanks for reading. :smile:
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