FIFA 16 Misc Bug Report


  • Issue: controller being put to select sides menu mid game. Controller flashes when it does this.
    Console: xbox one
  • Issue Summary: Catalogue item frozen/does not work once redeemed
    Issue Details: The unlock edit player functionality + rematch perk is not redeemed despite me redeeming it
    Game Mode:Career Mode
    Platform: PS4
    Region: New Zealand
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): PSN - DefinitelyMayb
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): 14/11/15 +13GMT
  • Issue Summary: CATALOGUE
    Issue Details: I redeemed the classic kits and balls but nothing come out when I entered FUT
    Game Mode: FUT
    Platform (Xbox 360/PS3/PC): PS3
    Region: Europe/Belgium
    Gamertag: anil-toppo
    Date & Time: november 14th 22:00 (since the beginning)
  • Issue Summary: Cancelling the opponent search in ultimate team online seasons, freezes the game
    Issue Details: When cancelling on the "searching for opponent" screen during an online UT seasons, the game stops receiving input from the controller. Nothing happens, except for the animated Fifa 16 logo in the bottom right corner, and the only button that works is the Home button.

    This happens since the last update.

    Game Mode: Ultimate Team online seasons
    Platform (Xbox 360/PS3/PC): PS4
    Region: Germany
    Gamertag: Frietschy
    Date & Time: 13th Nov 2015 at 20:00
  • Issue Summary: CATALOGUE
    Issue Details: I purchased the celebrations but it's impossible to use them because they've stayed in the catalogue as unpurchased things and when I try to purchase them again, it is written that I've ever bought them.
    On top of that, I bought the first credit offers (250during 5matchs) and the team Major league soccer but same problem, I didn't get them.
    Game Mode: FUT
    Platform (Xbox 360/PS3/PC): PS3
    Region: Europe/France
    Gamertag: footeux123
    Date & Time: 26th september 2015 during the day.
  • Futbol22
    1399 posts Professional
    Issue Summary: Toby Alderweireld Starhead
    Issue Details: Starhead becomes generic when zoomed out - Also none as LOD.
    Game Mode: Any match
    Platform: PS4 & Xbox 1
    Region: North America
    Gamertag: Futbol22
    Time: November 15 2015, 19:56 PST
  • Issue Summary: League Standings in Player Career Does Not Update
    Issue Details: While playing in player career mode (1st season), my player was transferred in January window from English League 2 Bristol Rovers to EPL Everton. While looking at the "Other Leagues" tables at the end of April, all countries and divisions had updated standings with correct number of matches played for their teams, however League 2 was still showing 27 matches played. All other divisions in England were at their correct GP (EPL teams had played 34 or 35 GP, Champ and League 1 teams had played 45, League 2 teams had played 27).
    Game Mode: Offline Player Career Mode
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One / PS4 / PS3/PC): PS4
    Region: USA
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): PSNID bjrowe13
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): Nov. 15, 2015 11:20pm EST
  • Issue Summary: Full screen resolution locked to 1280x720
    Issue Details: Game is locked to either 1280 x 720 in some resolutions or 1920 x 1080 in others. No other games are like this, changing the resolution setting on full screen mode has no effect, it's locked to 1280x720. This is a problem because it affects native resolution of monitors which leads to that fuzzy ghosting drop shadow presentation of graphics. No problems in windowed mode except screen tearing. Tried everything that support asked nothing worked.
    They have escalated this issue to their specialists and admit it seems to be a bug.
    Game Mode: N/A
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One / PS4 / PS3/PC): PC
    Region: ZA
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): Sp1r1tL4n
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): 15:59 24/9 UTC +2
  • Issue Summary: Squad Numbers reset
    Issue Details: Occasionally when I restart my Ultimate Team the squad numbers I have set for players are reset to default. This can also happen when swapping between squads.
    Game Mode: Ultimate Team
    Platform (Xbox 360/PS3/PC): PS4
    Region: UK
    Gamertag: gilki_monki
    Date & Time: 17th November 2015, 16.17 GMT
  • Issue Summary: Just 1 star in dribbling but unlocked several
    Issue Details: I have just one 1 star in dribbling though I have unlocked severel i career mode virtual pro in fifa 16
    Game Mode: Career mode
    Platform (PC):
    Region:Europe Sweden
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): Stokotten
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): 2015-11-18. 21:00 UTC+1
  • Issue Summary: Opposing team Formation bug
    Issue Details: I recently started a career game and I've noticed the every so often the opposing teams formation will be completely out of whack. They will all be bunched at what looks like the RW position (everyone except the goalie will be bunched in that location) leaving the entire pitch wide open.
    Game Mode:
    Platform: Xbox one
    Region: United States
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): b0ing85
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): eastern std

    How do rectify this?
  • Template:

    Issue Summary: AI controlling, bugs,
    Issue Details: lots of issues while playing career mode or offline multiplayer. Game speed is the same no matter u select slow its still very fast. This seems ridiculous but its true player two is very strong against player one. Even though player operating the AI seems to be playing more. Three players tackling at the same time.
    Game Mode: career mode, offline multiplayer.
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One / PS4 / PS3/PC):
    Region: PS4
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one):V-Xaviier
    Date & Time (Please include timezone):
    IST. 12:21 am. 19th Nov 2015
  • Aaron22
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    PowerUp62 wrote: »
    Issue summary: Camera angle in dynamic point of view.
    Issue details: I set the dynamic camera with 0 for height and 0 for zoom.It's perfect for me but this setting is just perfect in some stadiums (Stadio Olimpico of As Roma,Ivy Lane).In others like (Parc des princes of Paris SG,Emirates Stadium of Arsenal) this settings doesn't work properly!It's too high and too close!
    Please can you fix it and set the same camera sertings for all the stadiums with Reference level of the Stadium Olimpico of As Roma?
    Game mode: All modes
    Platform: PS4
    Region: France
    Gamer tag: PowerUp62
    Date/time: All of time

    Yes I agree to your above statement. The camera height and Zoom are way off and not the same as Past Titles like in Fifa 13. Their are many people who enjoy playing Dynamic Camera at Height : 0 and Zoom: 0 . I am hoping that they fix this camera bug in the next update patch.
  • trusake
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    Issue Summary: Game crash
    Issue Details: While on Player Training, every now and then, when it switches to the next player to train, screen goes gray and crashes to desktop.
    Game Mode: career mode
    Platform: PC
    Region: USA
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID: trusake
    Date & Time: 2100 EST
  • Issue Summary: Reward not given
    Issue Details: Won the offline Bronze cup, and didn't win any credits for winning the game and winning the competition
    Game Mode: FUT
    Platform (Xbox 360/PS3/PC): PS4
    Region: Francz
    Psn_Id: Spark-VI
    Date & Time: 21st September 2015 at 16:58 (Paris)
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    played a through ball and miss timed it with the attacker running offside.
    the defender was going to get the ball easily but as he tryed to play it forward he got a nick on it and it ended up going to the attacker who was already offside....but wasnt flagged....he was miles off btw.
    presume the bugware thought the defender played it foward.

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  • Issue Summary: Catalog Issue
    Issue Details: None of my objects redeemed from catalog are available to use. Obviously I cannot purchase them over
    Game Mode: Fifa
    Platform: PS3
    Region: Europe
    PSN ID: ilgaziopazzo
    Date & Time : Since Fifa release date
  • THJ71
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    Maybe not a bug as such but an annoyance, especially for those who play with close camera settings like Dynamic

    With the little in game on screen radar, the dots for both teams platers are sometimes the same colour, making it somewhat useless in some games

    Could do with changing so they are completely different colour every game
  • Hexagon Sun
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    Issue Summary: Disconnection
    Issue Details: Disconnected from ea servers every time i connect after a while .
    Game Mode: Seasons
    Platform (Xbox 360/PS3/PC): Xbox One
    Region: Middle East
    Gamertag: HuraxS
    Date & Time: november 26th 11.45 GMT Since Last 2 days
  • Issue Summary: Game freezes on searching for the opponents
    Issue Details: When i'm searching for the opponents, the Game goes in loop and search for the opponents. After a while, i would like to cancel the action but in that moment the game freezes and i must shut down the console so i can play again.
    Game Mode: Fifa Ultimate Team 2016
    Platform: XboxOne
    Region: Europe
    Gamertag: Mauryr86
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): Since the last update in 6th of November 2015.
  • JIO22
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    edited November 2015
    Issue Summary: Lots of different issues - See below.

    Issue Details: Firstly I mainly play FUT so these issues are in that mode definitely. Gameplay laggy jumpy, broken and unresponsive, 2 second delay on everything (not an ISP issue), passes going all over the place, AI of computer players seams dead/no urgency, 99.9% of the time I play with a foggy pitch, I'm unable to play at home - 48 games out of 50 I will be the away team, takes ages and ages to find an opponent, then the game freezes here and have to restart PS4, I don't get paired to play local people I'm always paired to play people who are in distant countries to me. Please please fix this, or at least the gameplay, all I want is for it to be smooth and responsive. I have had this a couple of weeks back when it worked great but after 5 days this horrible delayed laggy juddery gameplay is back and I'm stuck with it still.

    Game Mode: FUT
    Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One / PS4 / PS3/PC): PS4
    Region: England.
    Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): PSN ID: JIO22
    Date & Time (Please include timezone): 4:43pm GMT
  • rooooobbbb
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    edited November 2015
    Physics issues online when playing with the new EPL Hi-Vis ball. The ball and the players seem to skate around and are generally less responsive, thus making the gameplay ridiculously fast. The ball isn't as soft feeling is about the best way I can describe it. Almost as if the game has gone back a few iterations. Strangely enough, this also happened with German teams on Fifa 14. I will avoid playing as EPL teams online because of this which is a real shame. I can't be the only sad bugger thats noticed this..

    Region - UK
    Platform - PS4
  • region uk platform ps4....
  • Warriors898
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    edited November 2015
    Issue Summary: Game freezes
    Issue Details: I search opponents but the game goes in loop and i must close the game
    Game Mode: Fifa Ultimate Team 2016
    Platform: PC
    Region: Europe
    Origin ID:warriors898
    Date & Time: Last update
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  • trusake
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    Issue Summary: Injury setting
    Issue Details: I set the injury setting to OFF, save my profile, and play career mode, but once I quit the game and come back to play another time, the injury setting is back ON. This is a constant issue.
    Game Mode: FIFA 16 settings
    Platform: PC
    Region: USA
    Origin ID: trusake
    Date & Time: whenever I play the game
  • FifaBoy2007
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    Issue Summary: Stadium exterior views still blocked?
    Issue Details: Before a game when you view the exterior of the stadiums, the overlay is blocking the view? Why create them if youre going to block them with an overlay? This wasn't an issue in fifa 4, but this bug was in fifa 15, and still yet hasn't been fixed in fifa 16, so please remove the overlay from blocking the stadium exterior view in the next patch..
    Game Mode: Gameplay
    Platform: PS4
    Region: UK
    Gamertag: -
    Date & Time: -

  • FifaBoy2007
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    edited November 2015
    Issue Summary: Referee's yellow card doesn't show when booked for wall encroachment?
    Issue Details: When you get booked for creeping the wall forward during a FK, the referee books you, but his card doesn't appear? Ive reported this numerous times and it still hasn't been fixed a long with many other bugs we have all reported on here..
    Game Mode: Gameplay
    Platform: PS4
    Region: UK
    Gamertag: -
    Date & Time: -

  • Radar_zpsmp0rwai3.jpg
    Issue Summary: Wrong Position of Players on 3D Radar
    Issue Details: All positions of players on 3D radar are wrong. 2D radar works fine.
    Game Mode: ALL
    Platform: PC
    Region: Hong Kong
    Origin ID: lth19951021
    Date & Time: 28th November 2015 at 01:00 UTC+8
  • Issue Summary: where are the new boots
    Issue details: there have been no new boots added to the catalogue since the start not event the MESSI 10/10
    Platform: PC
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