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TOTW #1 Predictor!



  • Cerkue
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    Phil wrote: »
    Orison wrote: »
    EA Access starts on the 17th and rumors are that the Web App is going live on the 16th.

    I still highly doubt it.
    They would've stated the current TOTW as 'the last TOTW of FUT15' when they released it.
    But they didn't, so I'm pretty sure there will be another one.

    You are right:

    But it would be kinda weird when you are opening packs on the Early Access and there is no TOTW? Hm, we will see in the next days.
  • leon1309
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    Well they might actually put the same players in last totw for 15 and the first for fifa would solve the issue with "one or the other" problem...and it would kind of countinoue-link the seasons...
  • disaaaa
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    anyone saw Patore's lb + y? wonder ppl abuse it in fifa
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