Ok, so I signed 2 players to join my club once their contracts expired at their current clubs. They both now have, I got an email from my chairman saying they have joined the squad etc. I continued on through the build up to the new season. When I did go into my squad to put them in my team neither of them were there. I checked my contracts section and both are there as contract agreed. Yet when I have searched them they have both signed for different clubs recently and are playing for them. So they are my players both with agreed contracts on my contracts but have both moved to different clubs with new contracts for them also, how has this happened???


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    Sometimes a player joins a team even after you have agreed to buy them upon contract expiry.

    I expect that the player is somehow still up for sale after the contract is confirmed

    I haven't had this exact problem but I know others have. I have been on the other side of this however.

    I purchased a player in january and joined my team. But it said he agreed to join juventus at end of contract. He was now in my team with a 4 year contract. Next season, it fixed itself and his status was normal and i could now offer him a new contract.

    Very weird.
  • This must be some sort of bug on the game. I can't afford to try and resign them as they have a combined value 50mil, what's more concerning is that I am paying their wages at around 300k a week as they are in my contracts section and I can't do anything about it neither.
  • That's terrible. If budgeting is one of your concern, you wanna release them on a fee? That maybe cheaper.

    But, as far as I know. If you release a player on fee, you will not able to sign them again, the option wont be there when you go into the player screen.
  • But to release them is going to cost me as I will have to pay them off and I signed them both on 3yr contracts. Either way I'm gonna have to pay out for players that don't play for me. Annoying as hell!!
  • You are right, but I think release on fee is slightly cheaper as I remember. Not 100% sure but i think i made the calculation maybe on FIFA 14.
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