Bring Back Game Intro Video Packages!!

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  • Dodgey_10
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    This was the greatest.
  • Riggztradamous
    169 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    agreed... that gets you hype to play. Make it happen EA. Chop, chop.
  • ManzGOTIT
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    They don't have time for this
    Instead they focus everything on FUT
  • Alastair
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    edited September 2015
    Do you mean when you first launch the game? I would rather have nothing there and get straight into the menu. I realise they have to have some time though while it loads (and the simpler this intro is the quicker it will load).

    I would rather EA spent more time on the actual game than stuff that appears before you play. The money to purchase the video rights for these highlights would be much better spent getting the license to another league.
  • Zambo9
    6146 posts Big Money Move
    best intro ever no doubts
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