Imagine this FIFA experience........

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PRO CLUBS TOTAL CONTROL: Feel like an actual manager of your pro club by selecting your AI team members. See their stats and choose what you want them to do , be it marking , staying back etc. Bid for players in other clubs with all new be a pro currency!

DEEP PLAYER CAREER MODE : Create your player , get involved in post match interviews , endorsement deals etc

BE A PRO TOURNAMENTS, COMPETITIONS & AWARDS : Regular online tournaments for be a pro clubs , player of the year awards allow you to show the world your the best player by being displayed as the winner.

DYNAMIC WEATHER : The match may start off with decent weather but if you watch the Premier league then you know rain or overcast can happen at anytime. Blistering heat inside stadiums of hot locations cause players to fatigue quicker , where as wet/icy weather will have players slipping and sliding for a more authentic experience.

DYNAMIC STADIUMS & CROWDS : Flares , smoke , horns etc will all be used at different times during some matches depending on the action and event.

DETAILED CUP CELEBRATIONS : Feel like all the effort you put in for a cup was worth something. Celebration scenes show your clubs name being engraved into the cup and you walk around the pitch celebrating with your fans!

CREATE A KIT & EMBLEM : Its your club so why are you wearing a Chelsea kit? Create your clubs individual kit and logo! As you rank up you'll be offered contracts from the worlds leading brands!!

OVERHAULED COLLISION DETECTION SYSTEM : Ever conceded a silly penalty due to poor player collision detection? See that no more!

IMPROVED OFFSIDE/ADVANTAGE RULE SYSTEM : Its in the title. Advantage is played correctly as are offsides instead of the current broken system.

SIMULATED TELEVISED MATCH EXPERIENCE LIKE NEVER BEFORE : Gameplay looks like a real life televised match with additions like the cameras zooming into the managers to show their expressions which vary depending on their teams performance , likewise if the balls out of play the cameras may zoom in on the crowd or substitutions warming up getting ready to come on.

NEW COMMENTARY SYSTEM : Thousands of new lines of dialogue recorded and kept up to date over the year. A female commentator for the womens matches.

BRAND NEW GAME ENGINE : A new game engine gives players a football experience like no other, bringing photo realistic game play for the first time ever into the digital world of the beautiful game!

This is my dream for a true football experience and i could of added alot more but Im sure many of you can come up additional and even better ideas!

After playing the FIFA 16 demo im highly disappointed as most of what has been added could have been DLC or patched in. I want to see FIFA given a complete overhaul and i cant see why most of the above is not included!

FIFA 16 is FIFA 15.5

Its not worth the full retail price and we all know it. DEMAND that EA create a completely brand new FIFA!!!


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    Some decent ideas although collision detection seems pretty good in the demo. If the retail version plays as well as the demo with regards to womens football it will be a big hit, and only a matter of time before we start hearing female pundits and buying womens international tournament games. How EA have gone from hit and miss goalkeepers in 15 to being able to represent different traits for the two sexes and keep them both solid (reliable but also believable) is a massive credit to the programmers this year.
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