My only issue with the demo : SHOOTING is horrible.

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It's really really bad. Even up to 90% shot power results in a slow pass to the GK. How unrealistic is that. Not to mention it takes the fun away.

If only EA could dial the finesse shots a bit back with the crosses and improve shooting quite a bit, especially longshots, this will be one of my fav fifa's ever. But that lack of shooting and lift in the shots makes the game boring for me. Almost every finesse shot is dangerous while shooting is almost non-existant especially longshots even with 90% shot power.


  • emperior
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    Still better than FIFA 15. Sometimes lightly tapped finesse shoots went outside of the stadium, sometimes they went as slow as possible. This year I feel I have more control on my shoots.
  • Viggo 007
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    I hated in FIFA 15 that powerful longshots, GK would catch them while low finesse shots were parried
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