Never Realised How Much I Used Fancy Pass...

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Until playing the demo I never realised how much I actually use the fancy pass, for flick-ons and backheels and so on. I could not get used to it being L2 instead of R1 at all! I guess it will come in time though. The R1 driven pass seems decent but I don't really know when is best to use it at the moment.

Other thoughts:
  • Skill moves seem to be less effective, but I think that's a good thing
  • Chipped through balls less overpowered, again a good thing
  • Dribbling is still decent but not as fast, which is good - can't blow people away with rapid agile players anymore
  • Free kicks still ridiculously easy, but I don't mind that.
  • Scored some nice 20-25 yard hits so shooting is nice.
  • Inside the box, finesse finishes are still the way to go.
  • I was worried heading would be OP from the Beta, but it's not - seems better than 15 but not as ridiculous as 14, so spot on really.
  • Passing feels good. I think the best passers will be rewarded on this game.
  • Keepers are still pretty poo though, that's the only big negative.
  • Defending is a bit better - just don't hold sprint when you're facing the player as they'll dance past you easily.

Overall can't complain really! Just have to get used to that new fancy pass button - it feels so wrong it being L2 now.


  • Viggo 007
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    The driven pass is best to use:

    -On counters to switch sides , extremely effective with Real to get to Ronaldo or Bale once you've absorbed possession

    -To reorganize your team when you lack ideas in attack or avoid being dispossessed

    - To take advantage of your unmarked teammate
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