I need help with lag issue from someone that actually knows something about it

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So I've been contacting EA about my lag problem, but unfortunately the reps either gives me a canned answer or insists that it's a problem with my ISP even though there is plenty of reasons to believe that is not the case. I've done everything I am supposed to according to various lag fix guide, including opening ports..etc and still no luck.

This is what my tracert looks like


As you can see, the everything looks ok until it hops to prolexic.com. As far as I know prolexic is what EA uses to protect themselves from Ddos attacks, and the problem seems to be on their end. I ran tracert on other game servers, including rockstargames, and I did not see any problems or ping spike like I did with EA servers. Anyways, any help anyone can give me is appreciated.
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  • Orison
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    Did you try and let EA think that you are somewhere else (through VPN) to get on another EA server? I googled it and all those posts suggest that it´s only a problem of some servers that often get ddosed and that the rest is fine: http://www.bigpoint.com/bsgo/board/threads/bp-is-causing-the-high-ping.19306/

    So if you live in eastern Europe or even Asia I would suggest that EA actually implemented something like that to prevent themselves from ddosers, hackers or whatsoever
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    I live in Southeast Asia so the problem could be from what you just described, or I am getting lags because almost everyone here has crappy connection. I have BF3 and isn't nearly as bad as it is on FIFA.

    I haven't used VPN until today to see if lag is any better. Game does play a lot smoother but there is still some lag and not great by any means.
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