TOTW #51 Predictor!



  • Orison
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    Everyone expensive except for El Ghazi...

    Diaby 80k, Castaignos 80, El Ghazi is 60 I think. Nani is 120, Fekir 100, Akinfeev 40, Ayew 80, Pjanic 80, Sagna 120
  • Phil
    1016 posts Professional
    what about Sneijder and Sako?
  • Orison
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    Never seen them, but I would guess 70-80k for Sneijder and 30 or 40 for Sako
  • fiskzu
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    edited September 2015
    It doesn't matter what price they will set, they will be still extinct :lol: I packed IF Ayew yesterday (80k which is expensive for such stats/club/nation) and some random discard inform (can't remember name) and they were gone after 1 sec :joy: Seeing todays price range adjustements Im not bother buying fifa 16, because with price ranges and coin glitchers it will be even worse. Waiting atleast 2 months to see what happens, might try career mode in this time :innocent:
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