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This thread will be the Career Mode Wishlist thread to use from now on. Posting ideas in here is no guarantee that they will be used in the game. Also please remember that new features take time to make so any features suggested now may be too late for FIFA 16.

If you want to submit an idea then please make a detailed post with a title/couple of word description for the feature at the top .Please also indicate if it is a new feature or a small fix. For example a brand new feature might be online career mode and a small fix might be a change in the order of items in a menu.

An example of a good post would be:
Staff Upgrades

New Feature

In old FIFA games (for example FIFA 09) you could upgrade members of your staff. This allowed you to use some of your budget to improve different areas of your club, for example upgrading your strikers coach meant your strikers would improve at a faster rate, upgrading your negotiator meant your could sign players for slightly less and upgrading your stadium manager meant you would receive more money from ticket sales at each match.

Here is a picture showing it in FIFA 09:

Please do not post gameplay changes here, this is for Career Mode related suggestions only. Please also make sure you include a description/image, in most cases just posting a couple of words is not going to help describe your new feature.

If you have more than one suggestion with a long description then posting them in several posts might be easier.

The old wishlist thread can be found here.
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  • Online career mode so you could play with friends! just plz ea we all wanted this for years
  • Eddie
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    Alastair, asked this on the old forum but didn't get an answer...what happens to all the suggestions on the old forum? Will EA still look at them or do they just go in the bin?

    Same question with the bugs thread.
  • Dairee
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    Purchase properties. You earn wages but can't spend them on anything, you should be able to spend the wages on cars, houses, etc. Also train your team and design new jersies for every season. Stupid having Championship badges when you're in the BPL. Need to get the Champions League and Europa League licenses too. Maybe be able to design boots/goalkeeper gloves?
    Career mode is broke and needs a lot more fixing than UT. #ChangeCareerMode
  • Alastair
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    Eddie wrote: »
    Alastair, asked this on the old forum but didn't get an answer...what happens to all the suggestions on the old forum? Will EA still look at them or do they just go in the bin?

    Same question with the bugs thread.

    I think they have already been seen. I will add a link to the OP now though.
  • Eddie
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    Cheers pal.
  • IF Blinkhorn
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    I actually really liked the Staff Upgrades, it's just a shame that Fitness was always an issue early on, particularly if you were a lower-league team with no money (Upgrading was SO important as early as possible).

    I would like to be able to scout for players through the Youth Academy with a much greater range of filters. I know some people enjoy the randomness, however I would like to know that I can get a specific position, ability or physique (etc.) out of it. The ability to develop certain stats, weak foot ability, skill moves and playing in additional positions through Training sessions would also be great imo.
  • RedDevil
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    First of all they need to bring everything back that they removed when they started CM again from scratch, which over 3 years later is still as basic as when they started all over again.. Why start from scratch then never bring everything back you removed?
  • RedDevil
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    A camera tilt/pan option would be cool, so we can set the height and zoom of a camera angle, then edit how much it tilts/pans rather than looking straight on all the time. PES has this option and its great as it adds a realistic broadcast feel to gameplay..
  • Alastair
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    If everyone could try and use the example format in the OP it makes it easier for EA to see suggestions.
  • SwordsCPFC
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    WeZy TrIoN wrote: »
    Online career mode so you could play with friends! just plz ea we all wanted this for years
    That would probably be the best possible upgrade tbh.
  • Jim
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    Player/Manager Career Mode

    New Feature

    In previous releases (ex. FIFA 11) you could both create a Pro in career mode and also have the ability to control all aspects of the club as a manager. That way you can enjoy both types of career mode at the same time. It doesn't have to specifically be called a Player/Manager, but any system that would allow you to both use the management functions and have a created pro in the game would be appreciated.

  • Jim wrote: »
    Player/Manager Career Mode

    Seconded! Additionally, somewhat related:

    Customize Player throughout Career
    Add the option to change your career player's position during the career, instead of being locked in to your initial choice (like you can with the Online Pro Clubs player).

    This would:
    • Give flexibility in adjusting your player's role to best fit different clubs/formations
    • Recreate real-life position progression, such as young defensive wingers moving into attack or aging attackers dropping deeper in midfield
    • Make more of the position-locked Accomplishments list achievable.
  • Robbie9
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    A bit more depth would be good and some more RPG elements.

    Maybe achieving enough match objectives will allow you to adjust work rate or play in multiple positions or the ability to attract a sponsor whose equipment (boots, gloves, etc) you would need to use.

    Also I feel like there needs to be a way to make the wages meaningful - maybe allowing access to training to concentrate on specific skills, like free kicks or pass accuracy for example.
  • The following are a few Player Career features which I think are easy to put in game and can improve the mode alot.

    •Ability to sit on bench
    •Rating system that tells you why it goes up or down
    •You get points or something after every game that you can use to upgrade specific stats
    •Ability to ask coach for playtime
    •The ability to hint to the media your preferred club you want to play for or your childhood club who you love. By doing this, these clubs can (if they are interested) give you offers. Also before you accept any loan or transfer offer there should be attached information that shows you how much playing time you're going to get at this club, what position you're going to play and your rivals in that position.
    •And also preset faces you can choose as starting point.

    Even just adding a few of these suggestions would make the player career much more enjoyable.
  • In the game MLB15 (baseball) when you start a player career mode there is a ability to mold your player like a professional player. Not completely sure how it works but it could be awesome to start your stats in the same format as for example Ibarbo: His stats are 91 Pace, 80 Dribbling, 71 Shooting, 39 Defending, 66 Passing and 78 Physical. His rating is 75 so lets say your pro starts at 65 rating his stats should all be 10 less than Ibarbo's. So youre stats would be 81 Pace, 70 Dribbling, 61 Shooting, 29 Defending, 56 Passing and 68 Physical. So if career mode featured the upgrading system I suggested in my previous post ,where you get points and add them to your player's stats, in a few seasons you could be a Ibarbo type player.

    I'm new to the forums so if I made any mistakes or if you have tips please tell me.
  • Premier-Sky
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    Previously, when simulating a match (visual sim at the time as opposed to quick sim), you were able to intervene and join the match at the current situation. For example if you're losing 1-0 at 76', you should be able to step in and play the rest of the match. I personally didn't use it as I don't think it's the most legit way, but the option should be open, and it's still a feature that should be re-introduced.
  • Premier-Sky
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    Also, player growth should be more realistic. Not everyone has a huge drop off when they reach 30. Some players should start deteriorating at 25-26, others should increase until 34-35. Fifa 15 has been better than some older fifas in that respect but could still be a lot better
  • Premier-Sky
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    With the Global Scout Network, it would be better if only people that could possibly be affordable within a season come up. It's pretty useless for a scout to tell me to sign Wayne Rooney if I search for a First Team Quality ST with a league 2 club who has a budget of 500k
  • Player Career Mode should feature a story mode:
    What I mean by this is there should be Interviews, Cut scenes and Press Conferences.

    There should also be a choice between a few stories you would like to follow for example:
    1. Started from the bottom: You are forced to start in the 2nd or 3rd Division (ex. Leeds) and you have a low overall. Nobody knows who you are and there is no way you can be a star, or is there...
    2. Promising: You came through the youth academy of a mediocre team in Division 1 (ex.Sunderland). You have a better overall but your potential isn't good enough to be in the First XI of a top team, unless...
    3. Young Superstar: You came through the Youth Academy of a World Class Team (ex. Barcelona). You have great stats for a young player and you're destined for glory. Your mission is to win trophies and Golden Balls. But can you be known as the best player ever...

  • Demba_ba
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    I have a long list but I will keep it short.

    1. Players not just deciding they are home sick then going to a place the same as yours. E.g. Player from Brazil is playing at a club from Italy but then accept a contract from a Spanish club.
    2. When doing a manager CM you can objectives for players like in player CM so you know if your players are on target.
    3. Every time you start a CM different players go to diffrent clubs. E.g. Aguero always goes to Real Madrid on mine.
    4. More realistic upgrades if you have a 75 rated player or your pro player and he is the top scorer in a league he should get more than a 1 upgrade at the end of a season.
    5. Diffrent storylines not just players wanting to leave for no reason falling out with another player, no one from the country is at your club and you have to change that and just things to make CM more entertaining

    I have more but this is all I can think of now.
  • I honestly just want a hybrid of Fifa09 Manager Mode and Fifa13 Career mode minus the overcrowded fixtures, forcing you to play two games on two consecutive days.
  • Robbie9
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    The AI transfers need to be fixed up in Be a Pro mode.

    I often see clubs selling off players that would be needed for cover - e.g. selling a young back when there are only 5 other backs at the club. I've seen this at a club where they also had something like 8 goal keepers. This can be really annoying because I feel I need to check the line up of any club that I might want to sign for.
  • d48513
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    Although it will probably need a review of the refereeing system.

    I would like to see the appeals process for red cards implemented into career mode, I would suggest that if a player feels that they have wrongly had a player sent off,

    then they can go back and replay the incident and any video evidence to support their claim and capture it via the console or pc,

    then there could be a section in the menus where you can appeal the decision by submitting the video and then you would probably get an email from the Premier League, FA (or the authorities of the league that you are in), UEFA or FIFA stating whether or not your appeal has been successful.
  • Dairee
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    Handball needs to be fixed too! I have it turned on and not once have I given away or gotten a free kick for handball, even if the ball clearly hits a players hand.
  • RedDevil
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    Dairee wrote: »
    Handball needs to be fixed too! I have it turned on and not once have I given away or gotten a free kick for handball, even if the ball clearly hits a players hand.

    This should've been patched months ago, its absolutely pathetic we have to wait until Fifa 16 for it to work! It worked perfectly fine in Fifa 14!!
  • EA should add many things in career mode, things like
    - Making it possible for you to create your own team, kits, home stadium, budget?, etc
    - Team training sessions, add other things like striker training, goalkeeper, defensive training
    - Having control over finances such as sponsors, tickets, other things and also to make small clubs become big clubs that earn a huge amount of revenue and starting off with a bigger budget if your club is doing well
    - Being able to carry remaining transfer budget from previous season
    - Reserve teams
    - Possibly being able to work out a U17, U18, U19 team/league (being able to have young players who won't get much first team action or is just sitting at the bottom of your team and have no intention of playing for another 2 seasons or so due to his age/rating
    - Licensing tournaments such as Club World Cup, Copa America, Champions League, Europa League and many more
    - They need to bring back the Brazilian League ! For ultimate team as well as career mode
    - Also add more leagues too
    - Bring back player manager mode on career (I personally enjoyed that)
    - Balon D'Or award after every year, FIFA Pro World XI also should be added, team of the season for each league would be cool and could help if you are looking for a new player to purchase and the team of the season could help
    - Youth academy should have(with enough players) an academy team, once you recruit enough academy players and you don't plan on upgrading them to the first team, there should be an academy team/league to play in for them
    - I don't if anyone would agree with me on this one, but to be able to choose new kits each season and/or make it possible that you can pick old kits from say 07/08 season
    - Pre season, should make it possible to choose how many pre season matches you want and where to play
    - Better conversation system between player and manager as well as conferences
    - Being able to drop in/out on simulated matches

    If there are any other things I've probably forgotten to add, make a comment below
    I'll add more ideas if I haven't already
  • RedDevil
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    I would like to be able to name 12 subs for friendly matches and use 6 of them...
  • IAmLikingFlame
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    - a youth and reserve league
    - worldwide awards
    - better player interaction
    - the ability to train players the way you want to
  • RedDevil
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    * Loans: Loan players should not be allowed to play against their parent club, so if I have a player on loan and come up against the team I have loaned him from, I should not be able to select him. Same goes for players I have loaned out, the opposition shouldn't be allowed to select that player to play against me.

    * Substitutions: International games should have 12 named substitutes, in which you can use 6 for friendlies and 3 for competitive games.

    You should also be able to name 12 substitutes for pre-season friendlies for club teams.

    * Cut-Scenes: Please add these for new signings / manager unveilings etc..

    * Disable Transfers: Just like you added the option to disable them for the 1st Transfer Window, please add an option to disable them for the entire 1st season..

    Also add the option to have user transfers only, so the A.I. can't make any signings.

    * Injuries: Please add the option to turn them Off. I know injuries exist in real life but for us that just want to play games with our best players its annoying to start a brand new CM and get 2 games into the season and Bale is out for 6 months? For those who don't mind this they can keep them turned On, but at least give us the option to turn them Off.

    You could even have the following options: On, Off or Minor only (short-term injuries only)

    * Team Talks: They were in the World Cup game, I think? Pre-game and half-time Team Talks.

    * Media Interaction: More interaction between the media / players / board etc..

    * Ballon D'or: Add a Cut-Scene of a player receiving the Ballon D'or, Player & Team of the Year Awards.
  • Online Career Mode Matches

    The ability to take your career mode team online and play other people.

    This would be like Head to Head, with the ability to play with your 90 rated youth players, Paul Pogbas and Regens.

    This would be very fun to play with your players against other players you may never had heard of, who could turn out to be great players.
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