High end silvers

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See all the talk of silvers, but what's the fascination with them? I always feel my high ends golds tend to be unlucky, do silvers get you away from this?

If so, I'm there in a flash! !


  • Mrtll
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    Many of the high end players are as good if not better than the golds. A lot of them come with unique attributes as well, such as Elton being 5'3 with 94 pace and 5*, Zardes being tall fast and strong
  • WFCBagnall
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    Buy Tots Garner and you'll see
  • jenksiee123
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    Some of them have performed better than a lot of golds for me. Plus it's nice using cards that are pretty rare whereas most golds are pretty common.
  • Reece Tha BEAST
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    Using Silvers in FUT is a completely fresh experience.

    It isn't like golds or legends where it's pretty apparent who the top players are.

    With Silvers, since the max rating is 74 there are countless options squad builders can choose from to create what they think is a great Silver team.
  • soulstar
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    Playing with the generic golds is just boring as hell. I play with bronze or silver non rares and have much more fun than with my 91 rated tots team. Add manual shooting to the mix and you have a whole new experience.
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    I changed over to full silver/bronze squads as soon as I joined the forums I have 2 teams right now and they play way better then any golds have for me really excited to try silvers in fifa 16 :)
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