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PS4 or Xbox One for Fifa 16?



  • Haggerty28
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  • Haggerty28
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    Haggerty28 wrote: »
    Kurt wrote: »
    No brainer XBOX for pretty much everything but above all for the quality of players ( gamers), the difference in quality is enormous, premier league : championship type of comparison . I've played a bit of ps4 at my m8s whose in division 1 but it's equivalent to division 5 on xbox.

  • Jim
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    Jim wrote: »
    Also don't buy it just for legends, that's ridiculous (even if you can afford them). Also don't buy whatever your friends are having, you're not a sheep, get the console you really want yourself.

    You realize that Legends are the reason prices for non-Legends are always cheaper on Xbox, right? It affects all the most in demand players in the market.

    And having the same console as your friends means you can play all kinds of games online with friends, instead of strangers. You're not a "sheep" if you enjoy playing with friends.

    You realise that XBOX prices were cheaper than PS before legends as well right?

    You're not a sheep if you enjoy playing with your friends no, but you are a sheep if you buy whatever your friends buy, even if you prefer something else.

    Prices were marginally cheaper on Xbox than PS in FUT 13 and before, but it was never consistant (examples: I had IF Lahm and TOTS Barzagli which were both more expensive on Xbox). After Legends were introduced last year prices on every player worth more than 20k went consistently down on Xbox, and significantly more than they'd previously been. Since the coin rewards are exactly the same, it's easier to afford better players on Xbox.

    If you need to put conditions on your statement like "even if you prefer something else" then your original statement was inaccurate. Who said anything about not buying the console you prefer?

  • Rinzler
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    Hmm thanks guys, i think im gonna wait to see if ps4 gets the legend deals since the microsoft legend deal is due to expire soon. Right now i love ps4,like it looks better to me coz ive had ps1 since i was a kid. So i have my heart set on ps4.

    But xbox one looks more 'fun/social' with the kinect, like i will be investing for other games and not only in fifa. Also, most of you said the controller is better in xbox 1, and the thing bout legends is true, unless im buying coins, its not like gonna get any closer to them. And from what ive seen, coins are cheaper on ps4 haha lol

    So ive in between choosing the aesthetically more pleasing for me, ie ps4 vs choosing more for other games, fun, family oriented games, ie xbox one, more options/value for money
  • Keano16
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    Bought a PS4 when it came out. I previously had an xbox 360. I have never regretted it, love the PS4 , love the controller. I also feel its more technicaly advanced
  • Reus the graphics are the exact same, they both run at 1080p 60fps. Sony fanboy.
  • Kman
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    Walshyy wrote: »
    Reus the graphics are the exact same, they both run at 1080p 60fps. Sony fanboy.

    That guy has been saying that for over a year...he has no clue

  • st4sh0ut
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    -PS4 doesn't have any network or connection issues.
    -The search market was never buggy for me.
    -FIFA graphics is slightly better on PS4 but nothing major at all. In general though, PS4 has better hardware and run most games on 1080p-60fps, while Xbone run almost half their games on 900p.

    -The connection isn't due to Microsoft but rather EA's servers. Maybe EA uses better servers for the Xbone, so if the connection is worst on PS4, then that isn't Sony's fault.
    -There are two different Xbone bundles, one with kinect and one without kinect. The bundle with the kinect cost more money.
    -The games for both consoles varies. Both consoles have a large variety of games and it is up to the user to determine which games are best.

    -PS4 does in fact have many applications including Netflix and YouTube. But word of advice, if you're looking for a good application service on your TV, I recommend you get a Chromecast or a similar device to that. With a Chromecast, you can run pretty much run any app that's on your phone to your TV. It'll be much easier navigating applications on your phone rather than on a PS4 or Xbone.

    Honestly, it all comes down to what you want. If you like the Xbone controller more, the Xbone exclusives, and the FUT benefits on the Xbone like legends, then go ahead and get the Xbone. But aside from that, the PS4 is a great choice.

    Personally I have the PS4 because I've been a PlayStation fan since the begining and also most of my friends own the PS4. It seems like a lot of Europeans have Xbone while people in the Americas have PS4. PS4 dominates USA. I use to work in a large retail electronic store and there used to be 10 PS4s being sold for every 1 Xbone.
  • Keano16
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    ....Edit : just realised I already commented on this saying exactly same thing in April ha
  • Hibee
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    I made the move from PS3 to Xbox1 during this years game. Best decision I have ever made involving a console. One easy reason - legends! I mostly play FIFA so it really came down to which console is better for FIFA. And I have to say, playing with legends is the most fun I have had in the game. Nothing before comes close to my full Portugal team with Futre, Figo and Costa or my mostly legends team with Vaderrama, Zola, Ljunberg and Weah.

    I'm a bit older so have watched the majority of the legends included and it adds a huge dimension to me. And most of them are actually very affordable.
  • Achillias
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    I got both (white Xbox One and black PS4). To be honest if it will be your only console get the PS4. On almost every multiplat game it haves the better graphics and resolution. I only bought the Xbox One for Forza 6 and Halo 5. The Xbox is a good entertainment system but less powerful.
  • I have played Fifa on Xbox 360 for 5-6 years. 2 weeks ago I bought a PS4 and Fifa 16, but I think that I'll take back and replace it an Xbox ONE. The reason is very simple: I think the controller is much, much better on the Xbox, especially FIFA. It’s a difficult decision, I thought about this a lot before.
  • Arthur Hucksake
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    I own both consoles. Went with XB1 for FIFA solely due to Legends. Graphically it's very very slightly worse, bit more jaggies... less AA but apart from that they are identical. PS4 just a bit sharper but I would sooner take Legends tbh.
  • Ace
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    If you're only playing FIFA then go for the XBOX, if not then PS4 everyday.
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